Middlesex-London Health Unit Free Parenting Groups and Classes


The Middlesex-London Health unit offers a variety of free parenting groups and classes. These are great for parents who have some questions or need some support. Whether you’re expecting a baby, just beginning motherhood, or raising a teenager, there is a class for parents with children of all ages. There are three different categories of classes and groups:

Preparing for Parenthood
This prenatal class is for pregnant women and their partners. It is meant to help make the transition to parenthood as smooth as possible and provide parents with the information they need. Learn about community resources, time management, sleep deprivation, effective communication with your partner, making time for yourself, and more. The class is facilitated by a public health nurse and a male facilitator with expertise in family dynamics. This class is held once each month.

To check out the schedule, find a class that suits you and to register, click here.

Just Beginning
This is a 4-week program for first-time moms and their babies aged 0-6 months. This is a relaxed and supportive environment where moms and their babies can meet others, share their stories, learn some new things, be made aware of community resources, and ask whatever questions they may have. Topics may include sleeping, crying, development, growth, nutrition, safety, transition to parenting, and more. There are numerous 4-week blocks that are offered from now until December.

To check out the schedule, find a class that suits you and to register, click here. 

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
This is a program that supports parents through their many challenges, no matter what it might be. These groups are offered at a one-on-one level, small group, or larger group setting. There are categories for parents of children in numerous stages, including children 1-5, 2-5, 5-12, and 12-18. Classes vary depending on the child’s age. For example, there is a class on developing good bedtime routines for children ages 2-5, and dealing with rudeness and disrespect for children ages 12-18.

To check out the schedule, find a class that suits you and to register, click here.

50% Off Sale at Various London Thrift Stores July 31st


Do you love thrifting? I know I sure do! You never know what treasures you’re going to stumble upon while browsing through a thrift store. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that thrift stores are easy on the wallet, too! On July 31st, London, St. Thomas, and Woodstock Goodwill locations are having a 50% off sale on all items. Even the Goodwill bookstores are participating, however the Goodwill Outlet is not. Additionally, Family Values Thrift Shop is also having a 50% ff sale on all items July 31st and August 1st! Here is a list of the thrift shop locations and hours for that day so that you can swing by and take a look. Happy thrifting!

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Happening in London this Weekend


Be sure to check out our events page for a list of numerous exciting events that are taking place throughout London this weekend! Of note are the following:

ROCK2STOCK The London Food Bank

ROCK2STOCK is a 2 night event of music and prizes. This event is taking place July 25th and 26th from 9pm to 3am at the APK. The London Food Bank, 331 Arts, and the APK are teaming up to aid needy families who could use a helping hand. This event is for those aged 19 and older. For more information and a complete schedule, click here.

The cost for this event is $5 with a donation or $7 without. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance so be sure to come early to the event to grab yours. For every extra item you donate, you will receive a raffle tickets that will make you eligible for prizes from local bands and businesses.

Wilfrid Jury Archaeology Day

Be an archaeologist for a day at the Ontario Museum of Archeology on Saturday, July the 26th! There will be lots of hands on activities for the whole family. Simulated excavation, guided tours, underwater archaeology demonstration, artifact handling and more! You will get a chance to ask questions to a real archaeologist, make crafts, and more!

The cost for this event is $10 and it is recommended for those ages 12 and up. For more information and to reserve your spot, click here.

Kids CBC Live at Storybook Gardens

On Saturday, July 26th, Kids CBC Live will be at Storybook Gardens! There will be a special performance by TV host Patty and television characters BO on the GO and Super Why. There performance will occur at the Village stage at 2pm. After the show, stick around to meet Patty and her friends, and enjoy the CBC Kids free activity station. Purchase of a pass into the gardens is all that is required.

Laser Tag in London


Laser tag is a recreational activity where players attempt to tag each other with a handheld infrared-emitting device. The goal is hit the target that their opponents are wearing or targets that are dispersed throughout the dark maze of a course. You can play every player for themselves or you can have teams. The person or team with the most hits, which are converted into points, in the end wins! It is a fun activity that is highly entertaining and adrenaline-pumping! The best part is, this is an activity that adults and children can enjoy together! Laser tag is offered in London at various locations.

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A Baby-Friendly Movie Theatre


Interested in going to see a movie (not a cartoon!) but have a young one with you? No problem! Each week, both SilverCity Cinemas and Cineplex Odeon have a Stars and Strollers showing. This is the baby-friendly way of going to the movie theatres! The theatre will have reduced volume and dimmed lighting, a change table, and stroller parking available. The best part is, a theatre full of moms who will be understanding if your young one starts to cry.

At the Stars and Strollers movies, you will receive $2.00 off your ticket price by having a child under the age of 2 with you. It is important to note that the discount applies to those who purchase their tickets at the box office only.

You can check out what movies are playing in which theatre each week by clicking here.


Volunteer at Pawlooza


Have a teenager looking for volunteer hours? Do you love dogs and want to help support an amazing cause? Pawlooza is looking for volunteers for their famous festival for dogs and dog lovers alike! Pawlooza is being held on Saturday, August the  16th, which is International Homeless Animals Day. Proceeds from the event go towards two incredible local non-profit organizations; ARF and LEADS Employment Services. ARF works with First Nations and rural communities throughout the province to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome stray dogs and cats. LEADS Employment Services helps people with disabilities throughout southwestern Ontario receive skill training and find employment.

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CarShare in London


Do you know about Community CarShare? This is a non-profit co-operative which provides members with self-serve, pay-per-use access to vehicles. Car Share was founded in 1998, but only recently expanded to London earlier this year. The co-operative’s mission is to promote car sharing as a sustainable transportation system, through it’s reduction of both transportation costs and air pollution.

Vehicles can be reserved for as little as 30 minutes, or for as long as needed. With both gas and maintenance being included in the cost, you wouldn’t be making to make constant car payments that a car-owner would. Currently, there are three Community CarShare vehicles in London, and this number will grow as the number of London members increases. Application fees to become a member are $30. Individual memberships include either of the following:

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Children’s Shinny in London this Summer


Do you have a little one or teenager that loves to play hockey? It can be hard to accommodate a puck-lovers passion during the summer months without committing too much time and too much money. Throughout the summer, non-competitive shinny is offered at Earl Nichols Arena for children as young as six and as old as seventeen. Children can play an hour of our nation’s great sport for just $5 a game. They can simply be registered on a weekly basis and they do not need to commit to multiple sessions if they don’t want to. All you have to do is register your child for a specific date, and they will be placed on one of two teams with others who also registered for that date. The buzzer will sound every 2 minutes for shift changes, and staff will monitor the ice to ensure equal participation. Full equipment is mandatory in order to participate.

Shinny games are available each week throughout the summer until August 31st. The schedule is as follows:

Ages 6-7: Sundays 4pm to 5pm
Ages 8-10: Sundays 5pm to 6pm and Wednesdays 6pm to 7pm
Ages 11-12: Sundays 6pm to 7pm and Wednesdays 7pm to 8pm
Ages 13-14: Sundays 7pm to 8pm
Ages 15-17: Sundays 8pm to 9pm

By clicking here, you can view the full schedule. Each game has an associated barcode. By calling the arena at 519-661-5575 and quoting the barcode, your child will be registered to a team for that session.


The Coldest Beer in London


I think I can officially say that without a doubt, I know who serves the coldest beer in London. I think I can also say with absolute certainty that no one likes a warm beer, so the aforementioned information is probably of interest to quite a few people!

The Poacher’s Arms on Richmond Street claims to be London’s oldest pub. They may be the oldest, but as of recently, The Poacher’s Arms is also the most advanced and sophisticated in terms of how they serve their beer. The pub recently purchased a machine from Italy that produces a frozen foam head to top beer up with. Yes – smooth, creamy, frozen foam. The machine makes the foam from beer to create an ice cream like substance made up of very tiny ice crystals.


The frozen foam head costs an extra dollar to add on top of a pint of your requested beer, not bad considering it will keep your drink literally ice cold for about 20 minutes. Think of it as an ice cream float for adults!

To try one of these ice-cold beers for yourself, visit The Poacher’s Arms on 171 Queens Avenue.

For more information on The Poacher’s Arms, click here.

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Freebie Alert: Tuesday Night Yoga Classes in Wortley Village


Yoga is a great way to relax the mind and body. What better way to enjoy yoga than to do it in the beautiful outdoors? Each Tuesday night at 7pm throughout the summer, there is a free yoga class in Wortley Village. The class is held outdoors on the green space under the trees along Duchess Street.

All levels of ability are welcome and beginners are encouraged! Remember to bring a yoga mat or blanket.