12 Days of Christmas: ANNI MAE BOWS

From headbands and hair clips, to sucki clips, mitten clips and tutus, not to mention everything in between, Anni Mae Bows has got you covered on style, functionality and cuteness. A business that started out as two women who each had a talent, one for making bows and the other for making bags, has turned into a one woman dynasty of unique creations for almost all of you children’s needs.

I was fortunate enough to get to try out some of Anni Mae Bows’ mitten clips. With winter fast approaching it is time to dig out the mittens. However if you have children like mine digging them out is only half the battle. Then you need to try to keep track of them. I can not count how many pairs of mittens I buy and replace every winter. For some reason they leave the house with two but seldom return with two. If they do manage to return with two those two seldom ever manage to stay with the rest of our winter outer wear and I spend way too much time searching high and low for a matching pair. Jen Thiessen (creator of Anni Mae Bows) picked out the perfect pair for my daughter to test out. They were Monster High, which may be a slight obsession in our house right now. Being eight, I was a little concerned if I was going to face a struggle with my fashionista, however I was pleasantly shocked when she was instantly excited about them. A bit of a trend setter she decided they were not only functional but the perfect accessory. So my daughter is happy with how trendy and cute they are. Guess what I am pleased with?? The fact that she has not lost her gloves once in the last two weeks!! This has got to be a new record. What is even more cool is when the gloves get wet they just hang from her coat to dry. Next time she goes out she knows where they are and they have been dry every time. Perfect!

If you want to win your own pair of mitten clips and stop the insanity of constantly replacing mittens or gloves for your children we can hook you up. Anni Mae Bows has generously donated a pair for you to win off of this very review. There are several ways to enter so make sure you do them all to increase your odds!



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