12 Days Of Christmas – BLING BOUTIQUE


Have you ever found that perfect top with spaghetti straps only to have it ruined by ugly bra straps? What about a stunning off the shoulder dress that you had to wear a strapless bra for but then felt completely insecure all night? Sure there have been many attempts to reconcile this in the past. But really who are we fooling? Are those invisible straps really invisible?? Well problem solved!! At least that is the aim with Bling Boutique. A unique small business out of Southern Ontario the designers of Bling Boutique decided that women deserved to feel both beautiful and secure in their clothing. They most certainly should be able to wear trendy fashion forward designs without worrying about something as simple as their bra of choice. 

Glam Crystal, Gold or Silver, whatever your choice – showing your bra straps are all part of the new trend. It is true that interchangeable bra straps dress up any outfit by adding Bling! I had to go to my husband’s Christmas party and along with that comes a fancy dress. My dress of choice was a one shoulder style and even that one would show a little strap. Being a woman who has been blessed with generous proportions I always feel uncomfortable in a strapless bra. I wear it but do not feel fully safe to move around too much if you know what I mean. Well these new straps were a life saver. I attached them to my strapless bra and away I went. I felt secure, but more importantly I felt glamorous. I had several of the women we met asking where I found a bra that look so pretty and like jewelry. Most were shocked to find out it was just straps and that they could get a different set to match almost any outfit. One pair will certainly not be enough for me. They will be my new addiction. A different necklace for every outfit. A different pair of Bling Boutique bra straps for every outfit. 


You can see all of their different styles and options by visiting their website or Facebook page. There is truly something for everyone and every outfit. Better yet win yourself your very own pair of Bling Boutique straps right here on this review!! There are many ways to enter below. Make sure you take advantage of them all.

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12 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas – BLING BOUTIQUE

  1. Nic says:

    They are nice, and I absolutely can’t go strapless. The black crystal double row ones are especially nice, I think. Bling, but not too bling. ;)

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