Charliebear Baby & Toddler Care Products is the brainchild of Kelli, a mom on a mission to make life easier for herself and other moms. She first shared her products with me over a year ago and since then she’s become a household name for moms-who-know. From her genius Strappy Things to her handy Day Sacks and Diaper Clutches, Charliebear has something to help you out from newborn to school age.


 Charliebear has recently introduced an awesome new product – a clutch for women to hold all of their personal items like pads and tampons, called the TEMP (Tampon and EMergency Pad clutch). Like a mini version of the Diaper Clutch, these have two flaps that fold over and are kept together with an elastic strap. One side has a pocket for pads or liners, the other side has loops for tampons in two sizes. This discrete little pouch is ideal for keeping things accessible in your purse, diaper bag, stroller, office desk or car without drawing attention to the contents. Perfect for a teen girls backpack or locker! Not dealing with a monthly visitor right now? Fill it with a pad of paper and pencils or markers for moments of peace when you’re out with your kids. 

These TEMP clutches retail for $15 and come in four different fabrics: flirt, classy, fun, and sassy. Grab one for every stocking on your list!  Find her on Facebook, at Curiosities in Wortley Village, the Milk Diva, or on her website. Kelli is a dream to work with! Be sure to place custom orders ASAP to make sure they are ready for Christmas. To win a custom made TEMP clutch in the fabric of your choosing, enter the contest below! 

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