12 Days of Christmas: JILL PARKHILL DESIGNS

Jill Parkhill started out by creating murals and personalized murals for her own daughter and friends. However her talent speaks for itself and she has quickly grown to providing her creative masterpieces to customers all over the world. From Canada and the USA to England, Denmark and Australia. The average piece is made as a mural for a wall or a wall hanging, however Jill’s creativity knows no limits and any item is fair game. If it exists she can create on it, it seems. 

When I found out I was the lucky reviewer to do Jill Parkhill Designs I literally did a little happy dance. I am familiar with her work and it would not be an exaggeration to say that I am a huge fan. Being somewhat creatively challenged I am always at awe of those who can take a brush and create something so unique and beautiful … oh wait and that actually LOOKS like something!! Well Jill was just as eager to get things started. She instantly had a slew of ideas as to what would be perfect for us. I told her where we would be placing the mural (my son’s bedroom) and his general interests (cars, trains, trucks and planes). We were also working with limited space as his room is small and the main wall will be covered by a bunk bed. Cue her creative brainwave and she instantly comes up with the perfect mural. She masterfully created a car that is somewhat cartoon like, somewhat old fashioned and 100% perfect. It does not stop there. She then inserted my son’s NAME on the license plate for a personalized touch. Genius! He loves it. We love it. It is perfect. I am so satisfied with both the service (which was super-fast and amazingly accurate) and the creative genius that I have already started a list of other projects I want to bring Jill Parkhill Designs in on.

If you have a room that needs a personalized tough Jill Parkhill is the solution for you. If you need a personalized and unique gift, Jill Parkhill has got you covered. All it takes is a quick look through her Facebook page to see just how creative she can get with just about any wall, canvas or random item. Best of all you have a chance to get some of this done courtesy of Jill Parkhill and this review. All you have to do is follow the many options below to enter. Good luck and may you soon be enjoying a very Merry Christmas with a customized Jill Parkhill design under YOUR tree!!


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10 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: JILL PARKHILL DESIGNS

  1. Ginny says:

    Jill does beautiful work. I’d love some sort of world theme for my daughter, something like children around the world, or maybe an animal. :)

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