12 Days of Christmas: LAVISH & LIME

If you’re looking for contemporary eco-friendly products to help you live life a little greener, Lavish & Lime is a great place to start. Launched in 2007, the company is run by a husband and wife team that wanted to create an eco-friendly Canadian product line that is filled with quality and style. Each product must successfully pass through one of their three filters: eco-friendly, natural/non-toxic and made in Canada. 

I received Lavish & Limes Abeego Flat Wrap Covers to try out and I love them! I don’t know about your house, but left overs seem to be the name of the game here. The wrap covers are an easy, natural alternative to plastic wrap and foil and the best part – they are REUSABLE!  They are made of all natural products (beeswax, tree resin, jojoba oil and hemp/cotton fabric) and helps keep the food fresh and ready to use. I have been able to use them on a variety of different foods and personally love how easy they are to clean! One of my pet peeves on my grocery list has always been foil and plastic wrap – seems like money wasted right away! With this product I know that not only am I reducing the amount I will spend on that but also that I am ensuring that I am limiting the amount of chemicals that are coming into contact with our leftovers. These will certainly become the ‘new’ plastic wrap in our house!! 

With Lavish & Lime’s great products and focus on service, each shopping experience is sure to be positive and backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. With all of that, it is no wonder that Lavish & Lime is clearly one of Canada’s best sources for healthy and eco-friendly green alternatives that are not only good for you/you family but the planet too! This Thursday and Friday, December 6 & 7th, Lavish & Lime will have 20% off all water bottles – a GREAT stocking stuffer! 

For a chance at a $30 gift certificate from Lavish & Lime to get your own Abeego Flat Wrap Covers or any other product, enter the contest below. 


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