12 Days of Christmas: MOOMOO BARS

Frozen treats are a staple of childhood… And adulthood, who are we kidding? ;) For many parents it’s hard to find an ice cream bar that they feel alright feeding their children – or in many cases, even CAN feed their children. Thankfully, those days are over! MooMoo Bars are a delicious new addition to the frozen treat selection. They are are nut free, gluten free, and are Kosher! They’re made with real fruit, fresh cheese, from 100% Canadian milk, so they’re full of calcium, protein, and good stuff for you. MooMoo Bars come in four flavours: Original Vanilla (vanilla with chocolate coating), Double Dark Chocolate, Strawberry n’ Cream, and Peach n’ Lemon.

I was not quite sure what to expect when I tried my first MooMoo Bar. Something like an ice cream bar, maybe? Although it was cold, the flavor and texture more closely resembled a frozen cheesecake bar. They were rich, creamy and delicious! My family and I sampled all four flavours. My favourites were the fruity peach and strawberry, my children were more partial to the chocolate and original bars. I’ll admit, after we all sampled them, I hid the leftover bars so that I wouldn’t have to share them!

MooMoo Bars are not yet available in London, but you can find them in Brantford, Hamilton, the GTA, and hopefully here soon!  For a chance to win your own boxes of MooMoo Bars, enter below!

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