12 Days of Christmas: SPA SISTERS


What started off as a homemade project to make gifts for friends, Spa Sisters now designs and makes bath & body products that you can feel great about. Not only are the products beautifully packaged, they are also full of natural ingredients and the nutrients that your skin craves. Spa Sisters ensures they only uses the most natural, ethically handled, fair trade ingredients in all of their products and the quality certainly puts them above the rest.  


I received an amazing bag of goodies from Spa Sisters and it felt like it was Christmas morning already. There was a little something in there for everyone and my daughter and I had a great time testing out the products. The first we tried was the kid’s bubble bath. My daughter loved it and for a kid that is so hard to get in the tub, that says a lot! She really liked how it foamed and kept saying that it smelled “yummy”. I loved that it was perfect for her sensitive skin (free from artificial colours and dyes) and that it also doubled as a body wash.  She came out not only squeaky clean and smelling pretty but with a huge smile on her face!  Next up was the Candy Cane Twist aromatherapy room spray and I have to say this was the biggest hit for my husband! He loves to spray fragrances and air cleaners around our house and it always is a point of arguments since I usually dislike the smells. Turns out, this was a great compromise. Not only was it a perfect smell for the holiday season, it released just enough scent to freshen the room but the smell did not linger or hang around. 


The next two items were so good, that I saved them for myself. I was excited to try out the Citrus sorbet soufflé scrub and it did not disappoint. All I had to do was scoop a bit out of the jar, add in wet skin and water my skin came out exfoliated and silky smooth – not to mention smelling great! Spa Sisters Key Lime lip gloss will become a staple in my purse.  With all natural oils, vitamins, waxes and butter, my lips were nourished and looking fabulous. With winter approaching us, I needed something just like this.

Based on the products I had the opportunity to try out, it is easy to say that I have fallen in love with Spa Sisters. I love that it is not your typical “green” products – I would definitely say it is more like a luxury line of spa products that are made with pure and natural ingredients. What makes them even more special, Spa Sisters has stuck to their roots – all of their treats are still made by hand with extra care. To win a $25 gift certificate to try out your own Spa Sister favourites, enter the contest! 


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