A Happy Mother’s Day Wish

A Happy Mother’s Day Wish

By Jill Ritchie

Like mother, like daughter….

As mothers we all hope that our sons’ and daughters’ childhoods will be filled with happy times so that when they look back on them in twenty, thirty or forty years later their memories will bring a smile to their face that they were wanted and that they were loved.

While helping my own mother do some Spring cleaning I came upon this home made mother’s day card that I had given her many years ago. The card had been carefully stored away amongst my mother’s most precious love letters sent to her from my dad during their courtship and through their marriage of fifty five years.

Although these were her collection of memories they were also mine. My mother raised eight children and had a loving husband to whom she was devoted. She is a strong woman who at the age of eighty five years gives me strength.

Dear Mom – here are some special memories I would like to share with you on “Mother’s Day”. I have so many, these are but a few.

The night you let me stay up late when we lived in Port Stanley and I had my very first piece of pizza!

The bowl of miniature marshmallows after Sunday School and the pop and chips on Saturday nights.

The day you bought me two new pairs of socks when we lived on Wilson Avenue.

The day you comforted me when I went to a birthday party on Pullen Avenue to which I wasn’t even invited.

All the Barbie doll clothes you made for my dolls.

The day we walked to downtown St. Thomas to have our pictures taken. It felt like such a great adventure.

The mornings you would give us a kiss as we left for school.

The time I broke my ankle and you sat with me all night. I felt like I was your only child.

The outfit you made me for my first play – a flower child.

The day you made the best box lunch for my guide troop and everybody wanted it. It was my first night with the new troop.

The dresses you always made me for the first day of school and for Friday night dances.

School sport day at Springbank Park and the delicious lemon squares you made for us that day.

The day I ran home from school when the Home Economics teacher yelled at me. It was the middle of winter and I was running home through the snow in socks and no coat– I was hysterical, but you calmed me down and gave me the courage to go back.

The night of my Grade 8 graduation – for being there and for the dress you made, and for letting me get my hair done. I felt beautiful that night.

The first day of Grade 9 I was so scared and nervous that I made myself sick and couldn’t go – You were so patient and understanding.

The time the whole family, all nine of us went camping in that little trailer and boat, what a blast that was.

The night of my Grade 12 graduation – we went out dancing to the ‘Noodle Factory’. All eyes were on you and dad while you danced in each other’s arms. My friends were so envious of me. Oh how I wish that I could see you dance together again.

The first legal drink of rum I had was with you, it was New Years Eve and I wore that shimmering halter dress which made me look like Cher.

The day my first son was born– you were at my side.

The teddy bear you gave him when he was hospitalized for 3 weeks. He slept with it for years until it fell apart.

Dec 9, 1982 I opened my dresser drawer, you had left a birthday card and present for me. You were in the hospital having breast cancer surgery, but you had thought of me.

And then three years later I woke up from my own breast surgery – you were there!

The wonderful talks we had at night when we sat on the back patio after I moved back home with my son.

The day we did pickling in the torrential rain while we were camping and where we shared so many seasons creating family memories.

Our amazing trip to Ottawa! You, me, dad and baby number five in utero. The last trip the three of us had together. So much laughter was shared.

Motherhood never ends, we just pass it on so it will continue to grow.

Love you Mom forever and always.

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