After the Sugar High


Halloween is over and this is usually about the time when I realize that eating my kid’s candy after they go to bed is going to be a bad idea long term. The alternative (them eating all the candy) is also a bad idea though! There just doesn’t seem to be enough floss and toothpaste to get us through the aftermath, never mind the nutritional void in their diet from filling up on sugar for weeks on end. Are you in the same boat? Here are some tips for how to get rid of all the candy:

SWITCH WITCH: this is an idea that seems to be growing in popularity over the years. I’m not sure where it originated, but it’s pretty smart! Tell your children that the Switch Witch is going to be visiting. She takes all of the leftover candy and swaps it for something equally desirable like a new toy, books, gift certificate or outing pass. If your kids wouldn’t be devastated by this switch, it’s a great idea! And then what to do with the candy…

LOOT BAGS: if your child/ren has a birthday in the next few months, save some of the packages for the loot bags or as prizes for games.

PARTY TREATS: collect all of the little packages that are the same/similar and the next time you have friends over and want a little something sweet, just rip them all open and put them in a bowl. Add nuts and seeds to make a sweet trail mix.

PINATA: stuffing a pinata with good candy can be so expensive! Stuff it with Halloween candy instead.

IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER: save those little bags of chips and Doritos and crush them up – they make great toppings for taco salad or casseroles.

COWORKERS: we all have coworkers who don’t have children in the trick-or-treating age range, right? Treat them with your leftovers! If you have a desk, put some in a bowl for visitors.

BAKE WITH IT: cupcakes, cookies, squares and icing often call for chocolate bars. Freeze those mini ones and use them for many baking days over the winter. Do you do an annual Gingerbread House? Save those gummy candies, Skittles, M&M’s and anything else that can be stuck onto rooftops and windows.

ADVENT CALENDARS: Buy a reusable Christmas countdown with daily boxes that can be opened. Stuff those boxes with Halloween treats! If you’re really crafty, hit up Pinterest for some DIY calendars.

STOCKING STUFFERS: it’s fine, candy doesn’t go bad! Save those little chocolate bars and give them in two months. Yes, it means it’s going back to your kids, but at least they sugar will be spread out a little.


And if the idea of using a Switch Witch is ridiculous because you have already eaten all of the candy and treats in your house, don’t worry – I’m sure it’s still on sale for 75% off. Go stock up. ;)





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