We’ve all been there: out somewhere with your baby who is cranky and teething and gnawing away on the one teething toy you brought when…. it gets dropped on the dirty floor and there is not a washroom in sight. Or, even worse, you forgot to bring anything for them to entertain/sooth themselves at all!
Hexagon Keychain and Bracelet - Chili Pepper RedHexagon Keychain and Bracelet - Blue Topaz
Teething jewellery is the perfect remedy for the above situation. What is essential though, is that this teething jewellery is something you’d wear anyway, otherwise, it’s a chore to wear and you’ll likely just forget. Really, who wants to look like they’re wearing a teething toy around their neck?? Fashionable plus functional! You will find the solution with Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels. Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels They are fantastic! All of the good things you’d be looking for in a teething toy: free of phthalates, latex, BPA, PVC and lead, waterproof, dishwasher safe, and most importantly – your baby will love them as much as you do.
Rectangle Slide & Bracelet - Deep Sea BlueRectangular Necklace & Bracelet - ChocolateRectangle Slide & Bracelet - Turquoise Beach
I received the Rectangle Bracelet and Necklace combo in Chocolate. Perfect match for the majority of outfits in my wardrobe and an awesome price at only $17.90 USD for the set – cheaper than most necklaces I would buy. I loved the necklace, just loved it. With an 11 month old, a 2 year old, and a four year old, no jewellery is safe in my house. It is guaranteed to be ripped off your neck and/or found around the neck of one of the girls in no time flat. The black latex-free cord had just enough give on it and was long enough to quickly pull over my head if needed. It looks so great, I find myself wearing it out even when my baby is not with me. I have late teethers, so it arrived right on time for my sons’ second tooth to be pooping through. It is one of the few things that he will put in his mouth and rub on his gums.

The bracelet is also awesome. It’s thinner than most teething bangles I’ve seen locally, which prevents it from getting in the way of basic things like carrying a child on that arm. It’s easy for little hands to manipulate and fits well in their mouths. My two year old had her molars come in last month and this was her favourite thing to chew on.

Hexagon Necklace & Bracelet - Blue TopazCircle Slide & Bracelet - LavendarCircle Slide & Bracelet - Pink Marble
What also sets these teething jewels apart from the others is that they were invented by a dentist! Three mompreneurs founded the company Dr. Bloom Inc in 2003, pooling their combined parenting and professional experience to create a great product. Afterall, who knows more about baby’s teeth than dentists and moms?

Check out the awesome selection of Chewable Jewels here: Buy Now or on Facebook: Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewelry | Facebook or follow their blog: Blog and follow on Twitter: Dr.Helen Bloom Smith (DrBloomInc) on Twitter Use the coupon code 2010L for 15% off when you shop!

Chili Pepper Red/Amber Twilight/Chili Pepper Red Bracelet SetChocolate/Caramel/Chocolate Bracelet SetGreen Apple/Turquoise Beach/Green Apple Bracelet Set
If you want a chance to win a three-pack of bracelets, send an email to jill@londonmoms.ca with CHEW in the subject line. Be sure to include your username and link me to your favourite colour combination Buy Now For an additional chance to win, LIKE the new LondonMoms.ca Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/LondonMomsca/147333808651380 and post about Chewable Jewels on the wall. Contest closes JANUARY 12, 2011. Good luck!
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 Alright, Mama’s, this one is just for you!

 Hand stamped silver is just what it sounds like: cutting sheets of silver into the shape you want and then stamping them with letters or symbols. Each piece is one-of-a-kind because it is made by hand, not a machine. I can’t remember where I first heard about hand stamped silver, but once I saw it, I was in love. Celebrities, bloggers, mama’s on the street – it felt like once I knew about it, it was everywhere I looked. I have been looking online for months, trying to find the perfect necklace, decide the perfect way to personalize it, and everytime I think I’ve decided, I realize the site I’m looking at is American and the shipping charges are almost as much as the piece I want.

Then I stumbled upon Alli’s Originals! Alli is a stay at home mompreneur who has been designing and creating jewellery for years. She lives in Toronto and has a website so full of gorgeous creations and ideas, it made me feel like a kid in a candy store the first time I found it. Have a look here: Alli’s Originals Jewellery – About Alli to see Alli in action making her amazing pieces.

 Alli sent me one of her newest designs: Love Hearts. It is classic and beautiful: three little hearts, one for each of my children with their names stamped on them. It came on a silver chain. I love the simplicity of it, the way it represents all three of my kids without screaming I’M A MOM! and the way it goes with absolutely everything I wear.

Apparently, I am not the only stamped silver fan either, because once I started wearing it, it attracted a lot of attention from other women who had been looking for similar necklaces or from women who already had their own similar jewellery!

Have a look at Alli’s website. Bookmark it. Email the link to your family members. Leave this review open on your laptop and sit your partner down to read it and take a hint Or spread the love yourself. These make the perfect gifts for grandmothers, mom’s, and everyone else on your list! Not only does she make necklaces, but also keychains, pet ID tags, bookmarks, rings, bracelets, baby bracelets, earrings, Hebrew jewellery, and beautiful wedding/anniversary pieces as well.

 Are you eager to start your shopping? Go to the review thread in the forum at this link: http://forum.londonmoms.ca/78555-mamas-got-swag-allis-originals#post1229373 and link me to your favourite piece. Tell me who you’d give it to (or if you’d keep it for yourself!) and one lucky poster will win a $35 gift card for Alli’s Originals online store Alli’s Originals Jewellery – Welcome. Post as many times as you like until WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2010 at 8pm.

 If you’re doing some shopping for the Holidays be sure to do it quickly! These one-of-a-kind items take time to make. Order by the first week of December to make sure that it gets to you in time.

If you would like your product or service reviewed by the Swag Mama’s, contact us at jill@londonmoms.ca


Usborne Books

Usborne Publishing got it’s start from a man named Peter Usborne in the UK some 30 years ago. Today it is a leading children’s publisher all around the world. The main belief behind Usborne is that “it is possible, without any sacrifice of quality, to produce books as interesting and entertaining as television, magazines and comics – media which children instinctively prefer.” Here in Canada we can access this wonderful world of children’s literature by means of Usborne Books at Home, which consists of consultants who believe in the books, catalogue and home party sales. More specifically the consultant that I had the pleasure of encountering for this review was our very own andreamcd13, also known as Andrea!

If you are anything like me you are waiting at the door the day the school book club news letter comes home. You are eagerly scanning it and placing your order, which every month is a little more than you would like to admit. You likely have children who own enough books to start their own library. You are a bookaholic. You thrive off the excitement of cracking a new book, the thrill of indulging in an exciting new adventure. These qualities are what made this Usborne review my most exciting task so far. I could not wait to see what Andrea, and Usborne, had to offer that would be different from what I was already getting.

The first book that Andrea sent me was a beautiful board book for my little man to enjoy. He is 17 months old and ROUGH! Seriously this boy puts new meaning to the word destructive. I like to say he is just an inquisitive little guy that needs to take things apart to see how they work ;) Well there was no destruction happening with this book. It is made to with stand the abuse of even the toughest of toddlers. The pages are thick and clearly high quality. The other great thing about this book was how interactive it was. There were things for Liam to touch and feel on every page and he was soon feeling things before I even had a chance to point them out. It was a great way to distract him and put to good use his curious mind. The very best part of this book though was that it was a simple read that I could enjoy with my little guy, but that his big sister could also read to him and have some snuggle time too!

Of course with such a wonderful book for the baby of the house I wanted to explore just how well Usborne could meet the needs of my older child. Kaitlyn is six and in grade one. She loves to be read to, but is also in the early reader stage herself. She is currently enjoying the independence and pride of reading by herself or out loud TO me. We choose an early reader called The Chilly Little Penguin. It was so funny. My daughter was in hysterics throughout half of it. It was made with equally if not better quality than the toddler one. The pages were thick, the cover was hard cover and it even had a ribbon to hold your place if you did not finish the whole book. We of course have finished it every time though because my daughter just can not put it down. For her the best part was the sense of accomplishment that she could read it. With great vocabulary for early readers and amazing pictures that helped them follow along and fill in the blanks it was perfect! The mom in me however was most excited about the little games and quizzes at the end that got my daughter thinking about what we had read and sharing what she had experienced with me. These books are definitely a must have for early reader skill and comprehension development.

Now after just two books I know and can definitely confirm that Usborne books are absolutely worth every single penny. They will be time treasured books that may very well even get passed down. They will definitely withstand the abuse of my children, but more importantly they will entertain them for hours. I can not even begin to compare the quality of product or content to anything else we have. I am definitely making my list for what books my children NEED to add to their library  ;)


With the Holidays coming – do I even need to remind you what a great gift a book makes?  Boys, girls, nieces, nephews, babies, toddlers, school age, books are for EVERYONE! Have a look at the website http://www.usborne.ca/default.asp?css=1 check out the online catalogue http://www.usbornebooksathome.ca/usborne_books/browse.asp?cat=1 and send a pm to Andrea when you are ready to order. Better yet, compare the quality in person by visiting Andrea at the London Moms Shopping Event on November 19, 2010 at the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre from 7-9pm. That’s THIS FRIDAY!  She will be at the ABC Gift Boutique table. As well, if you book an Usborne Books party with Andrea before December 5, she’ll give you $20 in books for FREE, on top of the awesome hostess benefits package. Ask her for details! :)

If you want to get in on these beautiful books for free, here is your chance. Andrea has generously donated a Baby’s First Christmas board book to be given by draw to one lucky reader. Check out the catalogue and send an email to jill@londonmoms.ca with BOOKS in the subject line and tell me what book you find most intriguing!  Send it in by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2010 at 8pm. Be sure to include your LM user name!

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys is a fantastic company that makes high quality, educational toys for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age kids. They’ve been around for over 30 years and sure know what they’re doing. These toys are only available through Discovery Toys direct sellers like Sarah Field. Not only does the catalogue specify the typical age range for each toy, but it also labels the toys based on the target learning pathway (exploration, math, motor skills, reading & language, thinking, or expression), the type of learner that would enjoy it (Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual), and also for children on the autism spectrum or with developmental disabilities, the specific goals it supports (independent play, sustained engagement, cooperative play, talking about play, obvious completion criteria, and pretend play).

I received the Measure Up! Cups to test out with my kids. The box has them labelled 12m+ and claims that they target all 6 of the learning pathways. My first thought was: ‘Nesting cups. How boring!’ But as soon as my 4.5 year old ran over, I realized how wrong I was. With glee, she opened up the box and exlaimed, “What did you bring me to love??“ From that moment on, it was nonstop play with all three of my children.

The insert in the box is a fantastic play guide for those mama’s (like me!) that are out of touch with their inner teacher or child. It lists 7 developmental skills for all ages, 7 activities for toddlers, 7 activities for preschoolers, and 4 activities for school age children. The cups come in 4 colours (red, yellow, green, blue) and have numbers and written numbers (in English, Spanish, and French) around a clock, and animals on the bottom. Some examples of what we did with them are: building towers and knocking them down (my 9 month old, 2 year old and 4 year old all enjoyed this!); colour identification (great for my 2 year old); number identification (great for my 4 year old); discussion of languages (my 4 year old loved this); pouring (my 2 year olds favourite activitity!); sorting by colour (the older two enjoyed this); labeling animals (the older two liked this); the cup game where you hide an item and shuffle the cups (my four year old’s favourite activity). I could go on!  They got a ton of play around here and I absolutely love the multiple uses across multiple ages. Durable and long lasting only matter if the kids want to continue playing! These toys have got it all. 

~~ t


I have heard of Discovery Toys many times before and been invited to a few parties along the way. However, I have never actually gone or given them much thought. I am not sure why, but to me buying toys out of a catalogue seemed just not right. I could not see what they could possibly have to offer that would be so much better than stuff at the toy store, and let’s face it I like to check it out and play before I buy. I say I buy for my kids, but secretly I like to play just as much as them ;)

When the Measure Up! Cups arrived at my door I had to suddenly re-evaluate my whole opinion on this. From the second I took them out of the package I new they had so much more to offer than any other stacking cups my children had played with. With colours, and pictures, and numbers and words .. it was clear this product was going to take some time to fully evaluate and appreciate. So I set to it with my 17 month old boy. I was thinking stacking cups = toddler. Right?? Well he sure did enjoy them. He like the games we would play where I would sing little songs to go with the numbers or colours. He enjoyed taking them in the bath to fill and dump water. He like putting them inside each other like a funny little puzzle. Most of all though, he LOVED to topple every tower we built. I could not get more that 3 cups stacked before he would kick it, or hit it, or roll a ball into it. Hours and hours of his little giggles and big mommy smiles.

BUT I was wrong again! These cups were not just for a toddler. My 6 year old, grade one girl came home from school and quickly decided she wanted in on the fun. She is in french immersion so we used the cups to practice her colours, numbers and animals in french. Then we moved on to math games of addition, measuring and patterns. Finally she discovered there were little clock like pictures on them and wanted to learn to tell time. Guess what?? She did!! Who would have thought that stacking cups would be so great for a school age child! Oh and guess what my toddler did the whole time his sister and I were playing??? Toppled any towers, scattered any groupings and stole whatever cups he could get his hands on. That went over real well with his sister *roll eyes*, but at least it was clear to me that these simple cups were going to be hours of fun for our whole family.

After realizing that these simple cups could replace about 10 different toys in my way over cluttered toy room I set off to check out the catalogue and see what else might peak my interest. Let’s just say that this momma who is so sick of having a billion toys cluttering up her entire house has found a new love. It seems that all of the Discovery Toys items have multiple uses and purposes. I love this! I mean fewer “things” but more uses and opportunities for play … what’s not to love? I already have my list started for Christmas.

~~ KM


If you’d like to get your Christmas shopping started with Discovery Toys, you can meet Sarah at the London Moms Shopping Event on November 19, 2010 from 7-9pm at Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre; or shop online at http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/home/sarahfield  You can also host a Discovery Toys party this month and earn great discounts on all of the toys your kids (and you!) really want.

Want to get a head start? Send an email to jill@londonmoms.ca with TOYS in the subject line by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12 at 8pm for your chance to win a Super Yummy – a multi textured, vanilla scented teether for the baby in your life (pg 16 in the catalogue). Keep it for your own child, or scratch one more item off your Holiday shopping list. My son has this one and it’s great! Be sure to include your LM username in your email. Good luck!


Spa Sisters is a luxury line of handmade bath and body products. Sisters Tricia (a Londoner!) and Kerri started making handmade spa products for fun and ended up turning it into a business that specializes in naturally delicious goodies for your whole body. Made without SLS’s, SLES’s, paraben, petroleum products or FDC colour/dye, these products are also not tested on animals and come in recyclable packaging. Sound too good to be true? Mama’s, I promise you, it is not!

When I received my bag of testers from Spa Sisters, my first thought was: loot bag! It was like a treat bag for grown ups! Everything was packaged so prettily and with colour coordination. With my love of all things pretty, I was won over instantly. My four year old daughter came over, wanting to see what I was giggling over and we eagerly unwrapped the packages and tested them one at a time: strawberry lip butter, organic shea butter, citrus sorbet body meringue, and a pink grapefruit mini bath bomb (that we didn’t try that moment, but that made her immediately ask to have a bath that night).

The bath bomb looked like a cookie with pink sprinkles inside and had a lovely light scent. It exploded in the water, which my girls loved, and left their skin soft and fresh. A definite keeper! The body meringue is labeled so perfectly. It’s light and luxurious and smells amazing! Goes on smooth and isn’t heavy at all. Feels fabulous and makes you want to snuggle with your own skin all day long.

The organic shea butter was such a treat! So thick, it does heavy duty work on your skin. You know those ugly dry spots you have on your elbows, knees, feet, and hands? Thirsty baby bump skin? Little chafing in a region you can’t discuss? This is your cure. Rub in it really well and watch miracles in action. It’s not greasy and does the job without fuss or drama.

My favourite item though was the strawberry lip butter. I have a slight addiction to lip glosses, balms, stains, and sticks. A horrible thing with all of the chemicals I know I am essentially eating. This was a little stick of heaven! Beeswax, shea butter, pure oils, only good stuff! It’s been in my pocket everyday, all day – I never leave home without it! The best thing is that when my little girls beg to wear mommy’s make up, too, I can let them without worrying about what they have on their lips. No colour, just a hint of strawberry and a whole lot of moisture for your lips. Delish!

You know what’s coming up? You bet – Christmas! Bathbombs and lip butters and meringue, oh my! Stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, treats for yourself! They have the usual products for babies (bum balm, baby bum spray), new mommy’s (boobie balm), kids (bubble bath) as well as products that look good enough to eat like tub truffles and vanilla fudge scrub. They also have gift packages that will save you the trouble of even wrapping gifts! Want to sniff and see before you buy? Come on over to the London Moms Christmas Shopping Event on November 19, 2010 from 7-9pm at Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre. But if you’re already ready to try it out, check out their facebook group Welcome to Facebook or shop online at https://www.spasisters.ca//thespasisters/home. LondonMoms can get 10% off their online purchases by using the code LONDON.


Go to https://www.spasisters.ca//thespasisters/home and find your favourite item, then email jill@londonmoms.ca to let me know what it is for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate! Be sure to put SPA in the subject line and include your LM’s username. Contest closes WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2010 at 8pm. Good luck!



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It’s October. You know what that means? There is that chill in the air. And no, it’s not because it’s fall. It’s because your child has probably come home from school for the 5th time missing some school supply or item of clothing, despite the fact that you painstakingly labelled it and made them promise to be careful, and that is making you one chilly mama. And get ready for it – it’s about time to pull out the hats and mitts. How many sets do you think they’ll go through this season? Well, hold your breath, mama, because I have a solution. UNIQUE by Sab makes mitt clips: cute, multi-coloured, patterned, mitt clips!

 We all know that the string through the coat is a big ol’ faux pas, and in their place the market of mitt clips that attach your child’s mittens to their coat has erupted. What makes hers UNIQUE are the diversion from the basic black. Do you have a little girly girl? Think Red is Best? Want something a little bit more funky? You can get it here. What I also love about them are the clips themselves. They aren’t your standard suspender clips that latch onto the threads of your knit mittens. They’re padded plastic clips that just cling without pulling. They hold on tight! I put them on my daughters coat two weeks ago, figuring I’d test them out before the need for mittens became vital and I am pleased to say that BOTH of her red Canada mittens are still securely dangling from her coat!  I love them because they work.  My daughter loves them because they have a purple flower pattern. Perfection!

 Sab also makes fabulous soother clips. Just like the mitt clips, these soother clips will not pull on your babies delicate fabrics. They are cute, functional, and most importantly – they’re UNIQUE! No boring same-as-everyone soother clips that you can buy at any store. These have cute ribbons to show off your little one’s own style. No more sucking the dirt off your babies soother (come one, you’ve done it ;)), no more scrambling through your diaper bag for the missing soother while your baby wails and wails. Just clip it on and you are good to go!  At $4.00 each, why not get one to match each outfit? ;)   She even has festive Halloween or Christmas prints!

 Because each item is handmade, Sab has even come up with a simple modification to the basic soother clip to adapt it for those blue hospital soothers that are so rare and easily lost. So UNIQUE!


UNIQUE by Sab is the brainchild of a London mother of two kids. Tired of the same boring accessories, she wanted something special for her kids and UNIQUE was born! Have a look at her website http://uniquebysab.webs.com/ , her facebook group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=100693389983620#!/group.php?gid=100693389983620, or shop at Petal Babies in the Western Fair Farmers Market, Kangaroo Kid in St. Thomas, or Peek-a-Bootique in Mount Brydges!  Or, even better, come see UNIQUE by Sab at the LondonMoms Home Shopping Event at Carling Heights on November 19 from 7-9pm.  Her products make excellent stocking stuffers and baby shower gifts.


Want to hang onto your children’s gear? Send an email to jill@londonmoms by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2010 at 8pm with UNIQUE in the subject line for your chance to win a pair of mitt clips and a soother clip!


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Mom’s Night Out!

It’s That Time Again
Need a night out? Join us at our monthly Mom’s Night Out (MNO). Leave the kids with dad or a sitter and come chit chat with other great Moms. Nursing babies welcome. Details?
Wednesday, October 20th 2010
Shoeless Joes Westmount
7 pm
Sign up here:
http://forum.londonmoms.ca/74884-offical-october-mno-sign-up-thread-wednesday-oct-20-a if you are able to come. Looking forward to making it another great get together.
~ princess2808

June and July Births at LondonMoms!

Congratulations to all of our LondonMoms who welcomed new bundles of joy in June and July. Come over to our Expecting and Post Partum section of the forum http://forum.londonmoms.ca/expecting-post-partum/  to read the inspiring birth stories and to reminisce about the birth of your own children!
K’sMum ~ Girl ~ June 4
Kendra ~ Girl ~ June 9
mum-to-a&m ~ Boy ~ June 15
slowlygoingcrazy ~ Girl ~ June 23
JudyO ~ Boy ~ June 25
Jupiter ~ Girl ~ June 29
a_bun_in_the_oven ~ Girl ~ July 5
Skytimer14 ~ Girl ~ July 9
babyboy1 ~ Girl ~ July 9
Spiced_ginger ~ Girl ~ July 10
~*Tiffany*~ ~ Girl ~ July 15
Newmum2 ~ Boy ~ July 16
satin_thoughts ~ Boy ~ July 23
Leigh ~ Boy ~ July 26
Michelleshere ~ Twin Girls ~ July 28
Youngmom ~ Girl ~ July 29
Congratulations Mama’s! Enjoy your new babies!
~ Princess2808