When I decided to cloth diaper my oldest daughter five years ago, I had no idea that CD’s were not all created equal. I thought the very fact that I was using CD’s was making the ultimate environmental choice. Turns out, I wasn’t exactly right. Now that I am onto my third cloth diapered baby, I am a bit more educated, a bit more aware of all of the choices out there. In the world of diapers, there seems to be a hierarchy as far as environmental responsibility is concerned from perfumed disposables to the ultimate unbleached, 100% organic cotton/hemp cloth diapers with unbleached threads, natural rubber elastic and non-PVC, hypoallergenic snaps. Phew! Babee Greens BabeeGreens Organic Cloth Diapers | All Natural Cotton and Hemp Diaper Products is one of those fabulous diaper companies that are not just about making a quality diaper, but want to make a new standard for diapers. It’s owned and operated exclusively by mothers with the goal of “nurturing babies and the environment.” (read more about them here: Organic Cloth Baby Diapers | Babee Greens Cotton & Hemp Organic Diaper Products)

I was given an Organic Cotton Growing Greens diaper to test out. They’re one size fitted diapers with a snap-in liner, made to fit babies from 5lbs to 35lbs. They have a number of configurations that will allow this diaper to fit your baby from infancy right up to toilet training age. It even has an elastic waist that allows it to be used as a pull-up when you reach that phase. No need for multiple sets of diapers, this one does it all! Growing Greens – Babee Greens – Eco-Friendly Baby Products Online

Growing Greens Cotton/Hemp Diaper

The first thing I noticed about the diaper is how soft it is. More than minky soft, this diaper is beyond. Exactly the sort of thing you would want rubbed up against your baby’s most delicate areas! Even after repeated washes, the diaper is as gorgeously soft as the first time I touched it. My son is 10 months old and just shy of 20lbs. The fit on him was great. Lots of covered elastic keeps them snug around his thighs and waist, not too thick or bulky and with great absorbency. He wears it during the day without the added insert and at night with it. Wet or soiled, we’ve not had a leak at all. You can’t beat this diaper for cost ($18.95), materials, durability, and usability (newborn right through to potty training).

Washing Greens DetergentCleansing Greens

I also tested out samples of their Washing Greens Detergent and their Cleansing Greens. The Washing Greens is their all natural, bio-degradable cloth diaper washing detergent. Another great product – it gets tossed in your diaper pail to help keep the odors down and when you dump your pail in the washer, the detergent is already there and ready to go to work cleaning your diapers. Genius! Cleansing Greens is a hempseed, tea tree oil and lavender oil concentrate that is used as a cloth wipe solution. Dilute it, spray it on your wipe and treat your baby’s bottom to a little bit of tenderness while cleaning them up. No harsh chemicals, no waste.

If you’d love to wrap your baby up in a luxurious organic cotton diaper, send an email with GREENS in the subject line, linking me to a product on their website and including your username. Organic Cloth Diaper Products | Growing Greens Fitted Cotton Diaper| Babee Greens - One lucky email will be selected to win one of their diapers and a bottle of the cleansing green concentrate! Contest closes DECEMBER 10, 2010 at 8pm. Good luck!

Today is day 12 of the LondonMoms 12 Days of Christmas! Remember that all review contest entries will be submitted into the Grand Prize draw at the end on December 10, 2010.

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