Baking Soda + Vinegar = Magic


There are very few things that excite my children quite the way vinegar and baking soda do. The combo is a staple in my house on boring days and play dates, and when bought in bulk, they’re cheap and easy entertainment! There are three great ways to play:


The classic! You can go all out with the paper mache and paint or you can stick to basics with this one. Hang onto a transparent plastic water/pop bottle, clean off any label so that you can see through it. Place it in a large, shallow dish. Fill the bottle about 1/5th with baking soda, then slowly pour in vinegar. Add a few drops of food colouring to the vinegar if you want to make it more dramatic.


Draw out the magic a little bit! This is a great activity for children of all ages. Get a baking pan (like an 8×8 square for example) and pour about 1cm of baking soda equally across the bottom. Repeat for each child. Pour a few small cups of vinegar and use food colouring to tint them different hues. Give your child a medicine dropper or syringe (not the kind with a needle, obviously!) and let them experiment with adding drops of vinegar into the baking soda to make little bombs explode all over the pan. Play with colour combinations by dropping one colour over another colour. Try big drops vs small drops. Do rapid successions of drops vs slow drops. This is a great time filler activity!


For this one you’ll need your baking soda, vinegar, a glass jar (Mason jar or old spaghetti sauce/pickle/salsa jar with the label taken off), and a disposable glove (latex or latex-free). Pour some vinegar in the jar and pour some baking soda in the glove. Without spilling the baking soda into the jar (keep it in the fingers), put the wrist of the glove over the mouth of the jar and make sure it is sealed. Slowly tip the glove so that the baking soda mixes into the vinegar. Watch as the reaction causes the glove to fill up, ready for a high five! Try different amounts of baking soda and vinegar – watch as less makes the glove fill slowly, more will make the glove fly away! Click HERE to watch a video.

When your kids are all done with their play, dump the vinegar and baking soda mess into your sink and give it a scrub – it’ll be shining!

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