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Birthday parties have come a long way since we were children. There was a time when home parties were the only option – Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, and that poor donkey who had lost his tail. The times have changed! No longer are the parents responsible for doing all of the work. Make a call, tidy up your home, get a cake, and let these folks do the rest!


If your birthday boy or girl is a big fan of Super Heroes, then bring on the A1 Hero team! They have multiple party options for most of their themes: Star Warriors, Amazing Spider Superhero, the Avenging Superheroes, the Bat superhero, the Ninja Turtles superheroes, and the Man of Steel. Your child will believe their favourite hero is right there in their home! With scripts and activities, these superheroes will rock your party. See HERE for more information.


This is classic entertainment at it’s best! Balloon sculpting, face painting, glitter tattoos, dress up, magic shows, popcorn, cotton candy, crafts, pirates, princesses and whatever else you can imagine! With multiple party packages and options to choose from, these parties cater to all ages and all sizes of groups. See HERE for more information.


What could be better than a zoo brought to you? Little Ray’s will combine education and fun with their collection of animals for your guests to learn about and interact with. Their parties can be done inside or outside (under certain conditions) and can accommodate any sized group. See HERE for more information.


Is there anything better than some hands-on, crazy, fun learning? Mad Science brings the lab to you with five birthday party topics and three party packages. They cater to children ages 5 to 12 and guests will get to take home some science fun when they leave the party. There is no limit to the number of kids you have at your party, they just need to know in advance so that they can bring enough supplies! See HERE for more information.


My Perfect Princess Party has so many options for your birthday girl or boy! They have parties with all of the most popular princesses – including Anna and Elsa! – as well as Tinkerbell, Draculaura from Monster High, and even a Pop Star Dance Party option! These parties are great for children 3 to 11 and can accommodate any number of guests. See HERE for more information.


What could be sweeter than a cupcake mani/pedi, a sparkle tattoo and a lot of fun? The ladies at Pampered Soles bring the spa to your house with three party packages to choose from. The parties are for up to 6 guests with the option of adding more children for an additional charge. This is the perfect addition to a slumber party or a party for older children. See HERE for more information.


If your goal is to wow and amaze your party guests, then Ricky Magic is where it’s at! Ricky has four magical party options to choose from, beginning with the basic 35 minute engaging magic show, the 45 minute show where your child (sort of!) disappears, the 60 minute show that has your child levitating and a magical bunny appears, or the whole 90 minute enchilada! See HERE for more information.


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4 thoughts on “Birthday Parties at Home

  1. Desiree says:

    Warning to Mums who wish to have a super hero party with this company – we just had the worst experience this weekend!

    Don’t use A1 Hero The Party Performers!

    Terrible customer service – they threatened to leave my son’s 5th birthday party (May 14th, 2016) as we had to deal with a parent emergency and we didn’t get them from their change room on time and pretty much ruined the day for us. Our friends and family and the staff of the venue saw how awful they treated us. Even “Darth Vader”, his partner apologized for how Oliver, the owner behaved.

    Unprofessional and despicable attitudes – no leeway for bumps in the road. Give me a break – it’s a kids party and they are not Hollywood stars, but pretty much have the attitudes of one. They refused to call my husband by his name and referred to him as roadie only. They also made passive aggressive remarks during the show aimed at my husband and other guests.

    To make matters worse, the golf course where we had the party, just informed us this morning that they punched a hole in one of the lockers!

    Sorry to say, we were excited, but would never recommend Oliver Cosme and his company who take themselves too seriously and damage property. Sadly they are the only game tin town who offer super heroes and they know it (I smell a business opportunity!) Don’t use them, I told all the parents at the party, my kids’ school and will be spreading the word. Three other mums have come forward and agree with me. PLEASE SHARE!

    • Jessica says:

      I totally agree with you as well. I had same experience with a1 super hero’s not to long ago I used them twice first time was hulk and captain America for my older boys and they seemed to do a great job. So I had them back for star wars this time. And they had a new guy with them. The same guy you are complaining about. He was rude short tempered. It was horrible acting he lost focus of crowd and all my kids disappeared. They didn’t want to be yelled at and told to brush teeth. They wanted to see star wars action. After being rude he decided to help himself to my food. Let’s just say never again will I use there service

  2. Jeremy says:

    **Business deleted this review from their website & Facebook pages**

    We booked a kid’s party with A1 hero. During booking, it was made quite clear that this party was at a community centre. Their online party confirmation form had me confirm that this was going to be held at a public venue.
    On the day of the party, the performers were turned away at the door because neither were vaccinated for COVID19. Personal beliefs aside, one would expect that a business dealing with families and kids in public/home settings would have either a) vaccinated staff or b) full disclosure that their staff is not vaccinated.
    Doing a quick google search, you will find a list of places requiring vaccinations to enter which include basically every venue where you would host a party.
    The A1 Hero website was VERY informative on topics such as setup, payment, booking etc, but nothing about COVID19.
    This was really unfortunate because the performer seemed very passionate about this party and came prepared with lots of props.

    A1 replied to my comment suggesting that it was the customer’s fault that they were not following provincial guidelines. They said they will refuse to disclose their lack of vaccination status and hold on to your deposit, stating that it is the customer who is responsible for letting them know about provincial guidelines that their staff might be breaching.

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