Birthday Parties in London: Part 2


Our list of places to celebrate your child’s birthday is growing! For those of you who want to do something a little bit more laid back, but still lots of fun, this is the list for you!


Loblaws/Real Canadian Super Store

President’s Choice Cooking School has birthday parties at certain locations that combine entertainment and cooking. For children ages 4 to 16, all guests will create their own meal and delicious take home treat. Everything is taken care of for you, including the cake! See the link for the party options and more information.


If crafting is your child’s thing, then Michaels is the place for their party, of course! With so many crafting choices to choose from, take your pick, bring your snacks and have some fun! See the brochure in the link for more information.

4Cats Byron

There is no party like a 4Cats party! Whether you choose from the legendary Paint Splatter party, an artist-inspired party, or a clay party, your guests are guaranteed a great time as they express their creativity and create memorable pieces of art to take home. See the link for all of the information.


Head over to Build-A-Bear in Masonville Place for your very own beary fun party! Each guest will get to create their own furry friend to take home. You set the price point per guest and they get to do the rest! There is no party room or place for cake afterwards. See the link for all of the information.

Paper Passion Studio

Paper Passion Studio can customize your two hour party to the party project of your choice! With many great ones to choose from, your birthday child and their friends will enjoy spending time expressing their creativity. See the link for more information.


Cineplex Odeon Theatres

Did you know that Cineplex offers more than just Movie parties? You can also have an XBox Big Screen Party! Whether you want to celebrate your little gamer or pick the latest kids movie, Cineplex has a party room and popcorn ready for you! See the link for all of the information.

Rainbow Cinemas

Raising the next great film critic? Book your party downtown at Rainbow Cinemas, find a movie they’d love to see and enjoy the popcorn! See the link for contact information.


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