Changes to Universal Child Care Benefit


If you have children under the age of 18, the Universal Child Care Benefit is something you are now entitled to as of January 2015. Before you go scrambling to your bank statement for this month, you should know that although the tab starts collecting this month, the cheque won’t appear until July.

Here is the breakdown of how much you can expect to receive and when:

Children ages 0 to 5 years, 11 months

Since 2006, the Federal government has been providing families with $100 per month per child in this age range. As of January 2015, families will receive $160 per month per child currently in this age range. However, the first installment will not arrive in your mailbox or bank account until July 2015. You will receive payment for January to July in one lump sum, followed by the monthly payments of $160 until your child’s 6th birthday.

PREVIOUSLY: $100/month = $1200/year 

NOW: $100/month January to June, $520 in July ($60 x 6months + $160 for July), $160/month August to December = $1920/year

NEXT YEAR: $160/month = $1920/year

Children ages 6 to 17 years, 11 months

Children over the age of six have never received the UCCB previously to this year. As of January 2015, families will receive $60 per month per child in this age range. However, the first installment will also not arrive in your mailbox or bank account until July 2015. You will receive payment for January to July in one lump sum, followed by the monthly payments of $60 until your child turns eighteen.


NOW: $0 January to June, $420 in July ($60 x 6months + $60 for July), $60/month August to December = $720/year

NEXT YEAR: $60/month = $720/year


If you already receive UCCB for any of your children, be sure to file your taxes for 2014 and the benefit will increase without any other effort on your part. The CRA has not yet updated their website to inform us how to ensure we receive the UCCB for children over 6 years old.


EDIT: This post has been updated HERE. We did not realize that this would cause so much discussion and confusion! There is a great deal of misinformation in the comments, so if you are unsure about some of the above information, we recommend you just skip forward to the update.

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148 thoughts on “Changes to Universal Child Care Benefit

      • Mary Jane says:

        Why is it that the government always fines a way to give money out . When I had kids we raised them on what we worked hard for.Oh yes we got a child tax benefit of $6, I guess you would call it baby bonus. I pay enough in taxes and I don’t need to be paying more so some women will have more kids she won’t take care of just to collect more money……….they know who they are…..

        • wendy says:

          It’s to help cover the cost of childcare of those of us Mums that do work!Yes, Mums that dont’ work get it as well, but i’m glad I get it and i’m glad it helps pay for a small portion of my childcare since it is insanely expensive. Please don’t put all Mums getting this money into one category Mary Jane, so wrong of you to make Mothers feel like bums…

          • Samantha says:

            Well said Wendy!….thank you! I am a single mom and i work hard at my job!…my son’s father does NOT pay his ($200) a month child support and i NEED this money to help out with child care so that i may go to work! My mother taught me if i had nothing nice to say…then say nothing…so i leave you with that Mary Jane!

          • Amanda says:

            Really! Your comment is complete ignorance! I have 5 kids and no I did not have them for
            Money because we barely recoeve anything. My husbamd works his ass to the ground to care for them. Do not sit there and say that women only have kids for money. I choose to have a large family because I dont have family and being a mother is undescribable. You can not sit there and slam mothers when you know jack all about them. Some choose no kids and some choose 12. It is none of your business as long as the kids are provided for! Maybe you should open your eyes and stop judging!

          • Jackie says:

            Well said Wendy. I get it that some women do this, but there are many of us who are full time working professionals. So shame on you Mary Jane for putting mothers who work and need the extra help ( cause the gov’t already takes a huge portion from my pay check) into one category.

          • Suzan says:

            i was also one of those moms (single) cause my husband did not want the child he fathered and after we were married he left. with no support at all. was not a requirement back then. but i did however receive the $6.00 per month. which did not cover the babysitting. cause i had to work. sitters cost me $5.00 /day. plus i had the cost of raising my child. you young people now have it easy sitting on your butts and collecting welfare and child tax credits. before the working moms/dads slam me, i know there are a lot of you working hard to support your families. I applaud you for that, it is not easy, and i know cause i have been there.

          • gypsylee says:

            Thank you wendy. Obviously, she is bitter and probably raised bitter adults who are contributing to making this world even more ignorant and bitter…

          • pennie says:

            My thoughts exactly wendy. 1750 a month for childcare for 2 kids. I guarantee Mary Jane didn’t pay that when she was hard working. Shameful to make us feel like that. Good on ya wendy.

          • Tracy says:

            And that is who the Universal Benefits should go to – families with BOTH parents working! You should have to show a child care receipt to get it each year….

          • laurel says:

            I’m with you in that 100% I have 4 kids and I also work full time and it helps tremendously with child care costs

        • KateW says:

          WRONG! Some of us work fulltime and pay over $1,000 a month in childcare. That’s what the money goes for!! Is it right that mom’s who don’t work receive it too, no but do not lump us all together!

          • dana says:

            Some moms are also in school and can’t afford to work also you have no right to be saying anything about other moms… You know how hard it is with you being a parent.. Don’t just assume other people are just having kids to get money… moms all have there own issues and reasons so don’t judge

          • Heather says:

            Wow….that’s a little hypocrital…asking someone not to lump all moms into a group then you do! I’m a stay at home Mom who had a career for many years and now is able to stay home with my children and be a Mom! I too value the extra bit of money. But most of all I value THIS time with my kids!

          • Heidi says:

            I am a stay at home mom, and need this money as much as a mom that works full time. Being a stay at home mom is the most expensive form of child care there is.

            (Before anyone judges I am a SAHM not 100% by choice, due to medical issues keeping me from the career I worked hard for – and even if I were able to work full time at minimum wage, it is not feasible with childcare costs being almost $1500 a month in my area).

          • Jai says:

            Wow really? Its not right that mothers who don’t work get this? So while I’m school for nursing I should do what to help out with daycare costs that are roughly $1000/mth? It makes me sick that there are such judgy women out there like you. Before I was in school and my son was younger I didn’t have a choice I had to stay home due to his medical issues, but you all high and mighty on your horse think mothers who don’t work don’t deserve that money.

        • kris says:

          I work hard and I look after my two children thankyou very much, and the help we get from the government is needed, as cost of living has gone through the roof. By the way I also pay taxes and too much if you ask me so I guess I am getting some of my HARD earned money back to help my kids get the things they need and deserve. Yes there are people who take advantage of the situation but not all of us women have kids just to receive money. Unlike you I would rather bitch about the money we spend keeping people in Jail or all the money politicians spend on their million dollar houses, and trips etc. Then bitch about moms and families receiving some help. We all pay taxes for a reason!

        • ML says:

          I’ve worked my butt off for years. And if you’ve had kids you should know how difficult it is. No need to sour now that our government is understanding how difficult raising a child is.. Sorry you didn’t have it as but mom shaming is terrible

        • Kevin says:

          Well put Mary jane “they know who they are”!!!!!!Very well put.I actually now have nothing else to say because of your swift comment,except for the fact that it would be a redundant act of the cliche” if you got nothing good to say……..”

          • Cr says:

            I agree. No one made you have children. Everyone bitching on here because it’s expensive to raise kids. Well maybe you shouldve made sure you could afford children before you chose to have them . I think if you don’t work then you don’t need the benefit that is set in place to help with Child care costs. I’m a mom of 2 of my own and 2 that have been placed in my care and I work full time I have day care costs and I don’t receive child tax for NONE of the kids I get uccb fir one of the kids but I’d still manage without it. As I have been all this time. Put the money into something useful or at least the portion they pay out to non working families. And before you bash this is just my opinion and I’m entitled to it as you are yours about how much you deserve and need that money

        • I work too says:

          I take offence to this. I work hard for a living for next to nothing. I can’t work full time because i have twochildren of my own one that has special needs and need to be available at any given time for her, i can use the help. And pay taxes out of my ass.. I need some of that back.

        • Danielle says:

          What an ignorant thing to say! It’s universal which means every person gets it whether they make $1000000 or $1. We all pay into it not just YOU ! I feel sorry for you. Must be hard being so self entitled. Thank you government for giving back a little when you already take so much!

        • Matt says:

          That might just be the single most insulting generalization I’ve heard to date. You are gross. Find out whom you’re insulting before your face (or fingers) vomit such ill informed tripe. I’ll bet you like Harper, don’t you?

        • meghan says:

          its not because you had no bonus that everybody else has to go without and during those days, the cost of life was not the same as it has been the last year or so where th meat is almost as expensive as movie ticket.

        • Ashley Camden says:

          You are a fucking moron! This money makes it possible for me to stay at home with my kids, to take care of my kids… way to be a judgmental asshole!

        • Amy says:

          Exactly!!! Just because it didn’t happen at that time, doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t have gladly taken it if it was offered to her! I myself work full time and half my pay goes to child care. And that is cheap compared to what some other parents pay. And oh ya, that’s right, that is some of MY tax money too! Dont be such a jealous, selfish person. Fond something more productive to do with your time.

        • Barb says:

          I had my first and only child in December. This money will help, so I can stay home to raise her, while my husband works. With what little I was making before I went on mat leave, not to mention the near impossibility of finding daycare, this is what will work best for us. I refuse to apologize for it.

        • Christa says:

          Not everyone receiving this money doesn’t take care of their kids. I’m a single mom and I work 40 hours a week! all this “extra” money goes to my son’s college. Maybe you shouldn’t be so judgemental.

        • deziree says:

          that is not right to say what you said i have two children and low income and imm not anythig like the sterio time you just put out and alot of other mother arnt either im greatful for the extra money being sent out it helps alot im a full time mother never had mmy children baby sat dont drink dont party and am fully devoted to my children and their development an im on ontario works.. even with the baby bonus it stil isnt enough to take care of what needs to be taken care of people dont have children to get money trust me there is not enough money from this to help house hold needs let alone do what you want so i dont see why people woudl have kids for 500 $ that is nothing isnt even enough for what they need so ya im happy they raised the income to people it helps alot

        • abby nightingale says:

          Wow good for you, you raised a kid on what you made, it aint that easy these days, child care costs today probably more than what you “worked so hard for” and for all you wine ass cry babies crying about your tax dollars, You are ALL going to be collecting an old age pension one day, or you may lose your damn job and find your uppity too good ass at the welfare office or worse yet you might get hurt or sick and have to try to get ODSP, if you want something to cry about that your taxes is being spent on how about canadian fighter jets dropping bombs in iraq, oh one more thing this doesnt come out of your tax dollars, so just shut the hell up, all our tax dollars are being blown on militarization of our police forces, using our national defence for offence, the cost of living just keeps going up and yet someone who is disabled has to live on a fixed income that is probably 30 years behind inflation, Now I work 80 hours a week, and i work damn hard and I would rather my tax dollars going to help Canadians who are disabled or are down on their luck rather than my tax dollars buying BOMBS to drop from planes in wars Canada has no god damn business in.

        • C.Caplette says:

          Word I so agree on mothers who over populate on babies and can’t even clothe or feed their children…

        • Cr says:

          Agreed. I have four kids at home 2 are my own. I receive this for 1 child of the 4. But I would manage without it I have all this time. What I’m not understanding about the whole thing is , it was set in place to help with child care costs. So if you don’t work why are you entitled to it? A huge chunk of my pay goes to taxes and this is how it gets wasted. Disgusting. It’s my opinion that if you don’t work you shouldn’t be entitled to it , only because it was put into place to help with child care costs that you don’t have if you don’t have to work.

        • Amanda says:

          Although I do not agree with this statement, I do hear where she is coming from. Wendy, your claim your a stay at home mother, what do you need child care for? These are the reasons as to why I think Mary Jane is concluding. I am also a mother who works one full time job and two part time jobs. I do also collect baby bonus because yes it does help, being a single mother isn’t easy. As far as sitting on your ass at home all day while you ship your children off to day care, I don’t believe in that! I believe we shouldn’t pay extra taxes for lazy people. Also Mary Jane, it wasn’t very nice of you to categories all of us woman.

        • Darlene says:

          I am very offended by your judgmental comment. You assume that everyone who gets this benefit doesn’t work. And you assume that we will have more kids to get a whopping $60 per month without even considering that it costs way more than that to raise them. That’s totally illogical. I work and am supplemented by Ontario Works (Ontario’s version of welfare) because my kids’ father, who I have been married to for 21 years, did something wrong over 10 years ago and was caught 2 years ago. I had no knowledge of his crime but my kids and I are paying a higher price than he is because I have to skip meals in order to feed my kids. If I don’t there won’t be enough food or I can’t pay rent. We don’t have Internet or TV at home and our local library has a 1 hour limit on Internet time. Don’t judge me for needing this money.

        • rebecca says:

          THe only reason u have a job is because u don’t know what it’s like to be a woman ur a man probably got a job cause u don’t want full responsibilities I’m ntive sucks to be you fuc ur taxes lol aha u wernt appreciated at home now ur trying to b appreciated through work n this hole time ur still winning n complaining u won’t b appreciated ever for what u do untill u realize keep paying up lol

          • bahamamama says:

            Your statement doesn’t make sense. If this isn’t an example of why you should stay in school, I don’t know what is…learn how to spell dumb b****

      • Debbie says:

        Reply to Jenn: Yes, the CCTB – Canadian Child Tax Benefit is “free” and not taxed. There in that lies the confusion. One is taxable, the other is not. One you get whether you file your taxes or not (except for 2014, to prompt the increase from 100-160, you have to file, but prior, it was not a requirement to get this benefit). CCTB is based on income, thus the requirement to file, where UCCB is a flat amount for everyone. If you don’t file, your CCTB stops, but you keep getting the UCCB regardless. I’m a tax preparer and cannot believe how many people are confused about what’s taxable and what is not and many don’t even realize they are 2 different benefits.

      • Andy says:

        Are u on glue Jenn?! All families regardless of income level get this! Its not about what tax payers “give”, so as tax payers we all pay into it! Its the same as unemployment or pension! You collect when your entitled too it! Would u be so rude to someone collecting their pension that they worked their whole life to collect? Or when they have lost their job and are collecting EI while on maternity leave? I think u must be uneducated on what your truly pay FOR and paying INTO! As a canadian! Ugh! Such hate in ur words! Such lack of understanding!

          • Samantha says:

            actually I make over $60k a year plus my husband makes about 50k. We have 4 kids and are able to get this as its taxable income. Many ppl I know who are in the high tax bracket opt out as it can end up costing you money come tax time.

      • Jenny says:

        Pretty harsh. And as for ppl saying “when we raised kids back in the day we didn’t get much help…” You also raised kids in an era where ONE income could handle it, and mothers (or fathers) could stay home to raise their children. Not the case anymore. More single parents out there WORKING FULL TIME to provide for their families needing help to cover child care costs. So yeah, if Canada can donate to underprivileged countries and third world countries, then it should damn we’ll help parents here who also PAY TAXES and are trying their best.
        I am so grateful I’m not a miserable grinch looking for ways to put down others. Be charitable. Be understanding. And know that this “tax-free money” is helping to raise OUR countries children. Get the stick removed from you know where.

      • ryen says:

        We don’t claim it, just like you wouldn’t claim tax money you receive back. Gst or income tax it’s child tax, we receive it back as a tax because of the added taxes we pay as parents moron.

      • Angie says:

        Don’t get cocky. I pay my taxes and I won’t complain because you never know how it can benefit your family in the end.

      • tina says:

        I can’t believe the negativity and judgment being made here. Everyone’s situation is different and this isn’t a mom bashing site, is it? WOW.

      • John says:

        How about this. You don’t have kids until you are established enough that you can afford them. There is no such thing as an accident. Condoms plus other means of birth control are very effective. I’m not rich but my husband and I can provide for our children and getting a check in the mail from the government ( universal child care benefit) is an added bonus. God forbid if anything terrible were to happen to my husband or myself and needed more money God knows that 160 a month would be nothing anyways. Not something anyone should rely on that’s for sure. Working for a living and only receiving a years worth of mat leave is not very much that is why people should not rely on anyone especially the government for anything. Bottom line- children are expensive. Sex= children, can you afford them even if some unforeseen circumstance arrises? If your answer is no then don’t complain about how hard it is.

    • Kell says:

      U get a t4 ship currently for your child tax benefit so why wouldn’t you for this one, it’s the same thing just more added to the $100 currently given

  1. Holly says:

    It’s true about claiming this on your taxes. I am a stay at home mom and while the 100 a month was great I ended up paying 25% of that back in taxes, in a lump sum.

  2. Roberta says:

    Reposted: I just heard about this nonsense a few hours ago. From my understanding the government is increasing the UCCB amount as of January 2015 to $160 for children under 6 and adding a benefit of $60/month for children between 6 and 17. Seems pretty good but they are “repealing” the CCTB meaning bye bye baby bonus! I used their calculator and came up with this scenario a two parent family with two children under 6 making a combined family income of $40000/year. Their monthly benefits now would be 362.60 (CCTB) plus $200 (UCCB). With the new benefits they would recieve $320.00 (UCCB), which is also fully taxable, whereas CCTB is not. So in this family situation they would lose $242.60/ month! For a family of 4 earning that amount I would think $242.60 is a significant amount of money to lose a month. But Mr. Harper and company will package this as a benefit to Canadians, and guess what?? Your first payment will come right around election time and will include the 6 months back pay in July 2015. Don’t let them fool you into buying your vote wtih your own money! This new plan, unless I am completely mistaken, is crap!

    • John says:

      Be happy the government give you anything like this ! Where do you think this $$ comes from ? Tax payers .. If you can’t afford to have children people probably shouldnt be having them,
      I have a child myself, personally the money is not needed and it goes into her bank account for When she gets older,
      No matter what the government gives us nobody’s ever happy but at the same time we bitch that we have to pay taxes. But yet we want everything for free.

      • Les says:

        Your fucking prick I got injured on the job and I am not able to work anymore due to it and I payed my taxes and now I shouldn’t be able to receive this. Like your a fucking piece of shit that needs to get over himself and not think that everyone dosent deserve it when some people did pay taxes and should receive it.

      • Lyndsey says:

        I agree, I think it is fantastic that we live in a country where we get any additional money from the government for our childcare expenses. Grateful to be Canadian! We also put this money away for their education. We have two kids, ages 3 and 7. So we were getting $100 a month, now we will be getting $220 plus a nice cheque for $940 in July. Can’t complain!!!

      • Tania says:

        No why should us tax payers expect anything from a government that only likes to give to themselves. It’s great that you don’t need to use this money WhhoooHoooo for you. I happen to be a single mom with 3 small kids working full time, no help from their so called father. So when over half my pay goes to child care and 1/3 of it goes for gas, there is very little left for mortgage and utilities and surprisingly my kids like to eat. So the average Canadian family needs this money. Get off your soap boxes people not everyone abuses the systems. Mostly just the government themselves.

    • Candace says:

      they are not taking away the CCTB “benefit” we receive each month Roberta. They are taking away the Child Tax Credit that automatically gets filed on our taxes at tax time. We will sti receive our monthly child tax benefit.

    • Shannon says:

      as far as my understanding goes on this situation the baby bonus is not affected… I could be wrong but from what I read, they are taking away the child tax credit we receive on our income tax. I believe that is a $330 credit when doing our taxes

    • Jackie says:

      UCCB – is received when anyone has a child under the age of 6 (so if you have 1 or 4 under 6 you will received this no matter what your income is 0 >) It is included in your income so if your income is 40 000 and you have one child the lower income earner must include the UCCB of (we’ll say 160/mth x 6=960 July-Dec + 600 Jan-Jun =1560 for 2015) Since this was implemented it should have been included in income when filing your taxes. If it wasn’t I’m sure the government reassessed your return to include it.

      CTB is income based. It consist of Child tax benefit and Ontario child benefit. Unless your tax preparer explains this to you you would not know there are two parts to this. The more you make the less you get. The older the child is the less you get. I’m guessing if your income is too high to receive CTB you would still get the $60 per mth per child 7-18 under the new UCCB.

  3. Eric Belrose says:

    First off the income will arrive on an RC62 if the income is like the UCCB as it stands presently. Has had no affect on the taxes we pay as a family. Properly declared.

    They are not scrapping the Child Tax Benefit they are removing the “child tax credit” which is something you add in when doing your taxes, most may not notice it gone. This is in lieu of the UCCB increase. Low income families did not get tax back they didn’t pay, thus it didn’t help them. It was a non-refundable credit. Some non-low income families also didn’t benefit from it for the same reason. If you have too many non-refunable tax credits you don’t get to benefit from them all.

    This means the 60 dollar credit per month will go direct to helping our nations children develop, providing that is where the parents put it. It is a great idea.

    “But, as part of this overhaul, the government beginning in 2015 will scrap the standard Child Tax Credit at a savings of $400 million in the 2014-15 fiscal year and $1.8 billion in 2015-16.
    Overall, the new measures will cost the federal government $3 billion in the current 2014-15 fiscal year. It rises to $4.9 billion in the following year. Benefits are expected to go to 4 million families with children, according to the finance department. The government also said more families will benefit by substituting an enlarged UCCB for the Child Tax Credit. Low-income families who owed no taxes did not benefit from the Child Tax Credit, whereas the UCCB goes to all families with children, the government said.”

    • kaylyn says:

      I am able to be stay at home mom because of this money. I am not a bum I work hard to raise my 3 children and my partner works hard to support us financially. And we are thankful to have this money in order to have one parent at home because this society makes it difficult and in most families two parents work. People are entitled to their opinions but not all moms take it for granted.

  4. jordan says:

    I am a young mom with a almost 1 year old and another on the way. I do not sit on my ass and claim money that I did not work for. I surely use it for my daughter , milk, clothes, food ect. And when my next baby arrives it will be the same thing. I have tried to work but I am back on leave. My husband works 6 days a week to make the money we can claim as ours. But still a minority is rent , phones, our children, hydro ect. Bills. I feel this is very helpful money for low income families. I know a few girls who struggle even with the benefits. Hey I once struggled. But its there to help, yes , I get it , some people spend it on drugs and alcohol and all that shit, but not all parents are doing so! So before someone bashes and puts all mother’s in one category, please smack yourself and think again! I am a stay at home mom . I work hard to raisemy child, and preparing for a new one. I don’t spend her money on me. Its put away for her and we use that FOR HER!!!

    • Erin says:

      Do you really think an increase of $60 a month is going to entice a young girl to get pregnant?? You’re living on another planet!.

    • sarah says:

      Are you serious??? I was young mom and not ALL young moms can be put down like that cause you now what i was 17 when my first child was born.. Guess what i worked my a$$ off plus went to school plus cared for my child!! So yout comment Bonnie is so uncalled for!!! Anf makes me very angry

      • bahamamama says:

        I don’t seem to understand why people keep throwing around the $60 figure. Yes the universal child care tax bonus is around $60-100 however a baby bonus AKA child tax credit could be approx. $300 to $400 depending on your household income per child. I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that all moms receiving a baby bonus use that money for things unrelated to their child but to be naive and say that there isnt women who do this is ridiculous. And i’ve seen first hand women using that $300 a month on car payments or nights out. So these things do happen, not with everyone but they do. In my opinion, i don’t believe it’s the governments responsibility to be paying upwards of $300 per child. If u can’t afford to have children then you shouldn’t be having them.

    • hope says:

      I think its disgusting that you chose to say “young unwed girls” as if it couldnt be “older married women” as well…you need to get your head out of your ass if you think its ONLY “young unwed girls” who will this little bit of extra money per month as a reason to have more children. God help you if you need to use our tax dollars when you are old and need help changing your own diaper!

  5. sarah says:

    I so agree with you… I have tje joy of bein a stay at home mom with 5 kids.. I worked after the birth of the first 4 and was decided it cost more then it was worth for me to work… This money does help us!! Those that say oh their lazy!! Spend a day in my shoes!! I havr my 5 children plus a home daycare with 3 other children!! My JOB never ends

  6. Lindsey says:

    All this moaning and cackling and….

    “The Government is proposing to increase and expand the UCCB starting in 2015. If Parliament approves the changes, they will be reflected on your July 2015 payment and will include a retroactive amount of the month of January to June 2015. For more information about the proposed changes, see Universal Child Care Benefit.”

  7. vanessakrs says:

    I dont have children yet, but i am happy that my tax dollar is going to families to raise their children, couples and young single mothers. The govt has closed so many afterschool programs for kids which did wonders for me as a child. They are expensive and the onus is on the parents now to pay for all those activities. I think that the government spends too much of our money that will not help us as a society, so this is a step in the right direction!

    • Megan says:

      Same! I’m childfree by choice but I want the next generation to have as many opportunities as possible, and many of the programs that benefited me are not around anymore. I have so many friends who work to the bone for their children and I hope the extra money helps.

  8. barb says:

    i’m just happy to get any kind of help .i’m 55 years old and raising my grand daughter it’s not easy on a pension …..and to be starting over at my age is hard this is not something i ever expected to do at this time of my life.but someone had to step up to the plate when a mother wakes out on a baby…….Reality check……

  9. mara says:

    I guess this is that great, supportive, non judgemental mom’s group I heard about. Shaking my head. Wow. Some people here fail to realize that healthy well cared for children will grow up to be the tax payers that will pay into the medical care and pensions that they will need post retirement. Hate to break it to ya but your pension is not iron clad. If we don’t invest in our future and it’s tax payers the future will be bleek indeed.

    • Shannon says:

      We will receive regular payments until June. In July, we will receive the new payment amounts PLUS the retro payment of the extra $60 from jan until June. July will be a good month

  10. Patricia says:

    think about all that is in involved when you have child or children, it costs money to raise kids we all know that going in don’t expect others to pay for your decision to have child or children.

  11. Chrystal says:

    To the person who got only $6 back when they raised their kids on only hard earned money, that $6 is similar to what we all get now, when you factor inflation on everything. Cost of childcare is substantially more now and wages as they have increased are still not comparable to what the increase of morgages has skyrocketed to. I would take your $6 and the cost of your house vs the cost of my house now. You could sell your home and make a fortune compared to what we will ever sell ours for. Gas for years was at all time highs and so if we get more than you did now, it’s warranted. Not to mention that not everyone that gets the money goes on to have kids and not look after them, what an ignorant comment. I have two, and I am an amazing mother thank you very much. Eat your words.

  12. Michelle says:

    Why is it that women are the first ones to bully each other when we need to support eachother. No one knows what happens at home. No one here knows what happens behind closed doorsand why each individual person or family needs this. We need to be thankful that we live in a country where the kids are supported regardless of the parents decisions. And though it might not always be fair, when someone NEEDS this service it is there. Lets not forget that WOMEN aren’t the only ones receiving this….what about the men and single fathers that are also getting the help. Be grateful, not spiteful. For the women on here saying it’s not fair, I hope you never find yourself in a situation that some of us have found ourselves in. Rather then thinking they’re lazy and somply don’t want to work, perhaps find out, as a fellow mother, how you can help..

  13. Carolyn says:

    Not everyone gets the $$ – we’ve never received it. I also had to pay back all of the EI I rec’d on mat leave (and my employer didn’t pay anything at all) as supposedly our income was “high”. It wasn’t. My income that year was zero. . . and my husband made a regular salary. So we pay into the support programs and have never had an opportunity for them to help us when we needed it. I think everyone should be able to receive the benefits.

  14. gayle says:

    Ei the employee’s and the employers pay into it . It comes directly from our pay cheque to the government and pension is the money we paid into for the years we work it is no t a free handout. Before putting the working Canadians in the same category as this get your facts straight. .ei and pensions are by no means a free handout

  15. Dan says:

    It’s sure thats a better way to help “new Canadians” than the tons of money spent on immigration in hopes immigrants integrate and assimilate. Don’t whine about this little help that helps the people that will eventually pay for your retirement.

  16. Val says:

    I am just curious if I am understanding this correct, in the article above, it states that people need to file their taxes for 2014 to get this increase to their Child Tax Credit and they will then get a lump sum in July for January to July….so my question is, So for the months of January to July of 2015, will these individuals who collect this benefit still get a monthly cheque on the 20th of each of these months or do they have to wait until July/15 and if not many people budget monthly for a cheque that comes in on the 20th of each month. So I am thinking this will be a tough transition for many who does this or is the lump sum in July just the increase that each of these will be getting and cheques will be adjusted after July, 2015?

  17. Jamie says:

    I see everyone talking about the “moms” in this article and nothing about the fathers. there are fathers out there in this very same possion and I feel this is a really helpful thing for the government to implement. for those who say that this is making other people pay for children that’s not theirs is not true in my eyes. for instance how many people pay for EI every check? And how many people have never taking it even once in their lives? our government has these programs to help and this is why we all pay taxes. We get free health care right so does this mean that if a person has a child that their child should not get the health care because they to not contribute? taxes suck but they are there for a reason and tryst me when I say this that these programs have a lot of thought into them and I belive they make our country Canada a better place.

    • Chris(tine) says:

      Jamie, I couldn’t agree with you more. You have a big heart and large Rose-coloured glasses.
      Paying taxes stinks, but, so does paying insurance, and yet, most of us do. So, it’s similar to insurance payments each month or year. When you need it, it’ll usually help you out.
      I was about 14 years old when I was on Workers’ Compensation, and I didn’t even know what that was. The company, I worked for, took care of it; just like when an ambulance/fire/police car attends to you, requested by a stranger from a cell phone.
      EI, I’ve never applied for, but paid into for decades.
      Imagine if the government paid into your RRSPs just as much? If they had, we might not have poor seniors barely scraping by on their malnutritioned diets of tea and toast.
      From what I understand, seniors who are together, as a couple, are issued less than two ‘roommates’ who are the same age and have the same bills.
      So, in different times in our lives, some will be receiving and some will be paying. It’s somehow going to be there or not.
      This message either makes sence or it doesn’t.
      Voting by the people counts or probably not.
      No one knows what is great, until it’s been implemented and succeeded or failed.
      We, as humans, repeat history, even if it didn’t work out the first time.
      The government makes mistakes. We’ve seen it in the news. We’ve seen in on our tax bills.
      In LondonMoms, it’s moms who are under attack, because women like to bitch about women, so, that seemed to be a mass venting session.
      So, this government sending cheques to ‘mom’s’ some found offensive, because they don’t have kids or just don’t want to share their money with society.
      So, when you’re a senior, make sure you’re well taken care of because it’ll be our kids who will be tending to you.
      In the end…there are always going to be people who are worse off than you are. Be grateful for what you have. Live with your means. We’re not on this earth for long, so, spend your time coming up with solutions, instead of the problems.
      LondonMoms…stick together.

  18. Sarah says:

    MY husband works very hard everyday, i can not find work currently so i am very happy about this, we are bairly making ends meet and this extra money will help us out alot

  19. Seriously says:

    Funny how people will put down all mothers who work or don’t work… Ever thought that maybe some moms who don’t work actually CAN’T work because of a disability that they have… Some of you are just pure idiotic, or you don’t have kids so you hide behind the I pay for your crap with my tax dollars boo ho seriously?? I admit I was on assistance, but I was doing every program to get through school and find a job unlike ya some of those people who take take take and don’t do anything with their life.. I was diagnosed with bipolar and epilepsy and a kind of autism at a very very young age did that stop me NO.. I am on disability, I just had a daughter I pay my child support to my son as a responsible parent should. I don’t complain when I don’t get enough or my worker deducts money from me.. Oh and to top that all off I work my butt off to when I have a job, but my fast pace to fast for the older people I seem to work with in warehouses.. So I pay taxes as well we people on government assistance and all that aren’t all bad, so think before you say something up right dumb

  20. Sylvia says:

    Childcare is only gonna cost more and more each year. Everything is getting more and more expensive. My husband died five months ago and he was young and my baby daughter is 11 months old and I work hard and this is helping me and my daughter.

  21. Dawn says:

    I work part time and make about 25000 and go to school full time. In my last yr of university! I have 3 kids and will take any help I can get. I work my ass off in all three places.. All of us are in different situations and stages of life. I’m sure all can use the help. If your set and don’t need the money good for you! Judging others and hateful comments is not the way to go. We have all felt bumps in the road, just some of us were able to get over them more quickly. If this helps than great!

  22. Bree says:

    I think it’s about time the gov’t starts raising our benefits considering the cost of living! No, I don’t feel that EVERY family should get thee benefit. Those who are considered high earners should be budgeting their money well enough that childcare costs aren’t a problem. Single mothers/fathers, parents who are also students, low income earners,etc. Essentially, people who have a very good reason not to be working or should show that they are trying to find work. Such as how Ontario works operates. This way we wouldn’t have people who have kids in order to collect benefits (this does happen, I personally know a handful of women who are very open about it). This is not to say all do, or even most, just that it happens and there are ways to prevent it from happening. I don’t think its right to take away from the people who really do need it.

    I think that if you choose to be a stay at home parent (choosing not to work) than that is your choice, however, it should be up to you to make sure you can do that financially. I think it is every person’s right to choose how they want to live and how they raise their children, I also think that we should set a good example for our children (teach them to be hardworking) and take care of our individual families. That is what being an adult is about, the choices we make and how to deal with the repercussions. If you are part of a married couple and want to be a stay at home parent while your partner works, then you should be able to survive on that income because that is the CHOICE you decide to make!

    • Lana says:

      “Those who are considered high earners should be budgeting their money well enough that childcare costs aren’t a problem. ”
      That’s funny. High earners pay out way more in taxes than those stay at home moms, struggling students, etc…. They deserve it just as much as anyone else.

  23. crystal says:

    Guess I will have to look and see if I need to opt out of this some how. The whole time we received the UCCB we had to put it on my husband’s income which was lower (14 – 21 depending on the year). When adding to his he went from getting a return to owing hundreds of dollars in taxes every year. Blessing month to month but incredible burden we couldn’t really afford come tax time. Now he makes more money but I seriously worry about starting the cycle of help then harm all over again.

  24. Courtney says:

    Wow Bree….. Thats a pretty brutal mouthful. I would like to know your situation as your opinion is pretty critical. I’ve paid takes for twenty plus years and I expect to get benefits for my babycand six year old. Why should I pay taxes my whoke work life for someone who chooses to pump out kids that can’t afford it. If you are a low income or no income earner why are you having babies. So now my taxes go to those people… No we should all get it.

  25. Katrina says:

    Just because it looks good in a bank account doesn’t mean its a good thing in general. We will give you this extra $60 a month but dont worry, at the end of the year we will tax you on it. Yup. Smiling during the year, frowning at tax time. Great extra money but if i had my choice i would decline it. Don’t get me wrong, thst extra $180 i get to smile about during the year, will find its way to screw me at taxes. Thanks government..i really appreciate.

  26. Kerry says:

    From what I understand, parents will still get their usual $100 on the 20th of each month from January until June, 2015. Then, starting in July, parents will get paid $160 per month per child. In July parents will also receive a one time retroactive “lump sum” to cover the extra $60/month per child for January to June of this year, so the lump sum should be $360, by my calculations. This is just a one-time lump sum, though. From July, 2015 forward, parents will then continue to receive $160 per child (for children under the age of 6) per month.

    This part ISN’T addressed to Val:
    As a person who is visiting this page for the first time, I have to say that I feel sorry for the site admin! It’s really terrible to see so many parents making disrespectful, totally uncalled for comments to other parents. People wonder why kids today are so disrespectful, but it seems blatantly obvious that it’s because their parents are setting that example. Children learn what they see and hear. Whether a parent chooses to stay home to raise their children, sends them to daycare, or some other variation, is TOTALLY up to the parents. We are very blessed to live in a country that gives us any assistance at all. Let’s remember that.

  27. sean says:

    Just have to wait and see what kinda scam this will turnout to be
    I’m a single dad mother doesn’t give only a couple times time will tell I guess

  28. Nancy says:

    I am surprised to read of how many people are so sensitive.get defensiveness and fly off the handle at Mary Jane. If you scroll back and re-read, she wrote and I quote “some” women not ALL women. Let’s face it…she is speaking honestly about the fact that there are people/women who take advantage of the money. It is unfortunate but true
    ..again, she wrote “some” women!

  29. Tay says:

    FYI- if this passes it will REPLACE the existing CCTB payments. So while it sounds like something wonderful- remember that other cheque on the 20th of the month will no longer exist. Example: for me, 3 kids over 6- I currently receive 0$ UCCB, but roughly 300$ CCTB- if this gets approved I will get 180$ UCCB and 0$ CCTB- who’s really winning here? I sincerely hope it doesn’t pass

    • Tay says:

      please disregard my last comment- I now believe that the new payment will only replace the child tax credit on income taxes and not the child tax benefit- sorry for any misunderstandings

  30. Alex says:

    Kudos MARY JANE.
    Take a moment to read what she said. Stop taking all the WORKING people’s money and then disperse it among ALL people. She says this so all you working mom’s doing what your supposed to do get to keep that $160 plus the other $160 u pay in taxes that goes to the welfare recipients.
    Before you all jump on me…. Im a very uneducated product of the welfare system. I don’t hate welfare people. Just the atmosphere.
    I am also a business owner and pay my own way and a few others way too. Never took a handout, and match my kids universal benefit x4 every month in their savings accounts.
    I’m not a bigot or a hypocrite. Just someone who rose above through only sweat and tears. So my opinion is an unforgiving one

  31. Jennyb says:

    Thank you Alex!!! And well done, you.
    I didn’t read into Mary Jane’s comment the way some did…in fact I’m appalled at all the back lash without realization of what her obvious comment was – the reality of what DOES happens!! There are people in this world who see pro-creating as money grabs. There are people like that in every country I’ve lived in (3) who are intent on milking whatever system they can and breed the same mind set in their off-spring, who they have given birth to, to increase their ‘income’ until the kids can fend for themselves and start the whole process themselves! The majority of whom I would like to think are honest but lets face it people – there will always be those who are NOT and I read and understood just that. Its not even an opinion – its the REALITY!!! Welfare and government funding in general. That’s the way it goes! People get away with it and the bad seeds ruin it for the ones who deserve it. I’m a mother of one and another due in April and my husband and I work full time, and still barely make it (and without extras) every month. I have a college degree and he has 4 recongized trade courses under his belt and life is expensive no matter how thrifty we are. Oh and he was laid off for the 3rd time in 4 years in DECEMBER and is out of work and EI isn’t kicking in because he got one month’s severance which barely paid for January bills…now we do what? Because apparently we are going to lose our house if he doesn’t get a job like RIGHT NOW. And the one time I did ask for EI help – at age 30, after paying into EI since I was 14 years old, always paid my own way in life and never asked for any extras because I wasn’t raised to be an entitled citizen and rather be a CONTRIBUTOR to society – and guess what? I wasn’t granted EI even though I was laid off and not FIRED. Luckily I got a new job within one month but wasn’t paid for another month so I had to ask family for help and took me months to get back on my feet and catch up on my mortgage and car payment so I get to work! Seriously people, the system isn’t fair to those who need it at the best of times. So I’m glad for people like me, not so happy that people who will be popping out more kids starting when they are teenagers to milk the system are going to get away with it! SUCH IS LIFE.

  32. Lana says:

    I always thought it too be funny that people receive more for younger children. Yes I know most want to stay home with their kids when they are young and that helps. But kids are way more expensive the older they get lol!! Ive been home with my kids while my husband worked, and I’m working now that my kids are older. Im really happy we are getting some of our money back!! Crazy amount of taxes paid out. I do get where some people talk about women having more kids to get more money. It happens a lot more than we know. I know of someone who had 5 kids and claimed single from the dad in order to collect welfare while the dad works.Those are the people who have to feel shame. Then others DONT abuse the system and really need it. Can’t accuse everyone of trying to take “YOUR” hard earned taxes. Lots of us still work!!

  33. Willie says:

    Its funny how the rich people NEVER complain when the Harper govenment doles out the Corporate Welfare cheques- they believe they are entitled to it! But if Harper decides to HELP working families who have children all of a sudden that is a drain on the public purse? R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S! Too many rich people have fattened up and live way too high on the hog compliments of public monies – time has come to change that if you ask me, and everybody else around here.

  34. Tracy says:

    I raised 3 boys, they played sports and participated fully at their school. All without the “extra” Universal Child Benefit & for many years Child Tax Credit – the “old baby bonus” method. How did we do that? It is something called a “budget” and “sacrifice”. I know – a novel concept in the instant gratification world we live in today. Oh, and by the way? I am the ever so nice WORKING MOM who pays with her taxes for you to be at home with your kids!! This Universal Benefit should ONLY be give to those parents who BOTH work outside of the home to help offset child care costs. And once that ends – NO MORE MONEY!!

  35. cathy says:

    All I know is when I had my three sons we had a limit of 82.00 a month for baby bonus. I worked an so did my husband. Now if 2 parents work an are making a good living they have to pay daycare full price an single moms get subsidy to pay daycare witch is so much a day for a child like 2.23 a day for 1 depends on her income could be lower then that. Oh yes that is with the father paying support also. So lets see who benefits from this certainly not the 2 working parents they have to pay the 33.00 dollars a day an get know help from the government to help with the cost so they can keep working an make a living to support their children an others who benefit from this. Maybe the government should look at helping them parents also besides to me every child is equal so if one child gets it then all the children should receive the same amount after all we are all living in Canada. So the ones on here who is complaing about the rude people saying they don’t deserve the money look at how much they get an what u get an reverse the roll an see how u would like it if u were working an your husband an u got nothing to help u out with your daycare an u see others paying 33.00 a month an they are paying over 1500 a month that is more then a mortgage an car payment to some so then ask yourself is that fair? An those parents get to stay home for a year on maturity leave then goes back to work an don’t get to sit at home with their child.
    Now on here people will say they don’t need it maybe some don’t but after all it is for the child so they could put their children money away for school because we all know when some children that parents don’t have the money are the first to get help not the ones that parents have money. So before u judge anyone an complain look at the whole picture an see what everyone is saying not poor me every child is equal an one should not judge but let the government be fair here an do for one as they do for another.

  36. Kate says:

    Wow! C’mon people! Seriously. Who cares! It’s not about who stays home and who works harder, it’s about the kids and having a little extra in your pocket to help out with daycare, clothes, sports or even saving it for for them for future endeavours. I could care less who receives this as long as it going to the kids. I guess it’s true when they say you can’t please everyone.

  37. jenny says:

    I’m a mother of three young kids, and I’m 27 yes I am glad I receive baby bonus to put food and roof over my kids. I was struggling to find a job and was enrolled in makeup school now graduated. So for the struggling mothers we do deserve it and yes we do pay our taxes and help others too ur not the only one. Thank u for all the support!

  38. Sarah says:

    Wow a lot of people assume around here!! Stop complaining alralready!! There are lots of people who recieve child tax and also work.. Another “hand out” in Canada is health care, and most everyone takes advantage for free.. If you dislike so much go find a country that doesn’t give child tax credits and get movin!! Ignorance people! There are many forms of “handouts” in this country.. Not just cctb..

  39. Chales Prast says:

    Hi, i am a WASP and i am steaming mad at dirt, not because i am a racist, but because i can’t stand to see hard working families get any money from the government! I don’t want any tax monies going to normal human beings trying to make ends meet because i am a white WASP and everything we have today we Pirated from Spain!

  40. Corine says:

    Every little bit counts in this expensive world we live in.. All goes up but our wages so yes this little bit will help! You think this is a lot of money but it’s not this 160$ a month covers my house insurance! That’s it!! So stop complaining and enjoy it by taking your kid out or paying some bills!!!! Cuz we all know the government don’t give a fuck about us!! So for once koodos to you for this little bit of money u gave us all parents!!

  41. britt says:

    I am extremly happy that middle class families are getting some extra help. My husband and myself work full time opposite shifts to be able to provide for our family. He has a child from a previous relationship who we get week on week off but are only able to claim our daughter we have together making it extremly hard come tax time can a family of 4 really survive on only $33000 a year not really. Its about time there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  42. Jodi Shaw says:

    I’ve read everyone’s comments and the whole arguement over whether it should be paid or shouldn’t is very sad. Look during life everyone has had to pay taxes. We pay taxes not for free money because we know nothing in life is free. Don’t believe me, check out the rents being paid, daycare, cost of gas, price of milk, hydro and what not. 1 in 7 children live below the poverty line in Canada, that’s close to one million children. That is sad. I’ve heard so many arguments parents don’t deserve extra money, blah blah, women have kids for money – have you ever given birth? hurts like a MF and you couldn’t pay me to do it again, despite the face I love my boys and they are the most precious things to me. This money isn’t free. This money isn’t hurting anyone. What we should be focused on is what our government pays themselves. The airline trips, the limo rides, the retirement pensions. My dad worked 50 years before retiring and is now on a pwd through disability making $1500 per month paying more than 50% of it toward his rent. Yet Harper and and the rest of them get 2 hundred thousand sometimes more for retirement just because they are government, meanwhile children starve, hydro shoots up where families cannot even afford basic electricity and have to choose rent or hydro. Oh yeah we lived 6 months no hydro, so fun! If you want to argue anything argue that we as a nation need to demand our government salaries come down, or the cost of living equal to what we can afford!!!!

  43. Jessie says:

    This is my first visit to this site, and I have read all comments on this subject. I have learned lots. However, due to my unique situation, I would like to “chime in” with my opinion. I would like to start by giving you all a little history about myself , so you all understand where my opinion comes from. I was a “London street kid” from the time of 14 till I saved enough to get my first apartment when I was 16. I went to school almost every day, in spite of my situation. I worked three jobs at any given time. I always paid extra in taxes on all my pay checks. I met my husband when I was 17 . We moved to Barrie as he had an business opportunity there. I continued my schooling , and we had three children. Then my husband broke his back and was no longer able to move , much less work. He sold his half of the business and I paid for most of my college and university bills. I continued to work and go to school and raise my children. We moved to Cornwall to be closer to the university I had just been accepted to. Then my life changed in an instant , shortly after I earned my B.A.S. I contracted a flesh eating bacteria which not only took my leg, it destroyed my insides. Soon after I was diagnosed with a disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy, it is a very rare and debilitating disease, sort of like MS and MD combined. I am in stage three of a four stage disease. I can no longer walk.
    Now for my opinion. I understand everyone’s frustration, and I understand both sides of this volatile debate. Unfortunately for everyone, there are people who take advantage of every social system that this great Country has. And that in itself , although sad, is also infuriating to those of us who are in need of utilizing them. Because of the people who take advantage of the social systems I am ashamed to say I am on O.D.S.P. I am grateful for every penny I receive. I am 38 and due to both parents unable to work and disabled , my three children are able to thrive. And this so called extra benefit (s) will go to helping my family to continue to have a roof over head. I did not chose this life, for myself or my children, however, here we are. I receive ( with my “baby bonus” ) , $1724.00 per month . That money is supposed to financially maintain a house hold of 5, three teens and two disabled adults, ( my husband and I have to pay for our surgical supplies with this money as well. They add an extra $100.00 to my check which is included in the above amount of money. ). Our rent is $1250.00 per month, plus utilities. We are on our own, we have no family to count on for support. And we both paid into taxes , we both worked until we were physically unable to work anymore. Are our children less entitled to this extra benefit , and go without even more , just because their parents are unable to work? No, they should not. I wish I could bank the child benefit , for my children’s future. But, I can not. Every “extra” penny that comes into our household goes directly towards my children. I have never taken advantage of the system. We need to stop attacking one another, and try to stick together. If I have learned anything, it is that life is too short to be bitter, judgemental, angry and hateful. We need to be thankful and forgiving and understanding. Everyone has struggles, pain and disappointment, what we need to do is stop making judgements on how things look on the outside. I am looking forward to this little extra we will be getting this month. And I am thankful to my fellow Canadians for helping my family , without your tax money that helps fund things like Ontario Disability Support Program , I honestly do not know what would have happened to my family. I was a young mother, however, I did not have my children for money. In fact I ended up with less money after having each child. I can not see how having children increases your income. Lets face it, kids are amazingly expensive. And it is true that as they get older , they become even more so.

  44. Nicole says:

    He’ll o I’m extremely thankful for this change of the universal child care benefits because I’m very sick. I worked everyday of my life since I was 16 working going to school and even raising my niece for a while. All a starting at a young age and work all my life till it got taken away from I became very ill 8 years ago and turn out I was diagnosed with extreme lupus witch I lost my mother to 3 years ago diseases was progressing fast and there no cure but there’s was away to slow it down even put it intermission and was to have a child but I was scared for I had no way to sosport this child to save my life asking life it self just was very heavy on my heart.. thinking if I can’t sorport this child do I have to give it up? I could not handle that but because of the child care benefits. I got to be a mother that I thought I would never have the chance to be and to hold my gift and love him to the end and now live longer and I have three beautiful boys that I live for everyday and thank good for the gift I thought I never get a chance to be .. A mother and all the chance to make it easier was the child bennefts or it would of not been a options and I would already be at the end of my rope. But now I might and hope that Wil at least get to see my baby’s have babys before I go. And I got the chance live longer and for the days I’m really sick my children keep me fighting they are a sorry for the grammar my eyes are not always good and on to of that I have a phone that has its own mind.

  45. Nicole says:

    He’ll o I’m extremely thankful for this change of the universal child care benefits because I’m very sick. I worked everyday of my life since I was 16 working going to school and even raisring my niece for a while. All a starting at a young age and work all my life till it got taken away from me I became very ill 8 years ago and turn out I was diagnosed with extreme lupus witch I lost my mother to 3 years ago diseases was progressing fast and there no cure but there’s was away to slow it down even put it intermission and was to have a child but I was scared for I had no way to sosport this child to save my life asking life it self just was very heavy on my heart.. thinking if I can’t sorport this child do I have to give it up? I could not handle that but because of the child care benefits. I got to be a mother that I thought I would never have the chance to be and to hold my gift and love him to the end and now live longer and I have three beautiful boys that I live for everyday and thank God for the gift I thought I never get a chance to be .. A mother and all the chance to make it easier was the child bennefts or it would of not been a options and I would already be at the end of my rope. But now I might and hope that I will at least get to see my baby’s have babys before I go. And I got the chance live longer and for the days I’m really sick my children keep me fighting they are a gift. P.S sorry for the grammar my eyes are not always good and on to of that I have a phone that has its own mind.

  46. Cat says:

    I think Mary Jane was referring to the moms who have decided to make welfare their career choice and I agree with her. I’m a working mother and pay a great deal of taxes but I don’t get to enjoy any of my hard earned tax dollars that go into these programs because the Government has decided that the people who don’t contribute are the ones that get the highest payments! When it comes to Government programs, it doesn’t pay to be hard working! I think that benefit payments should be calculated by how much you earn with the higher amounts going to the ones who are paying into it, maybe it would give others the incentive to actually work for a living.
    I know women who pump out kids just to collect bigger cheques and put off having to look for work. In my opinion, if you’re on Welfare you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Why bring children into poverty? The Government needs to rethink their system and stop rewarding the lazy!

  47. Azita says:

    My Son birthday born 1997 his birthday is 1997 so am i eligible for child tax on July or not ? because i didnt get the money…

  48. veronica says:

    my daughters birthday is july 17 1998 , and i never received the extra 60.00 a month , or the back from jan to july

  49. lynda says:

    Income Tax: Please everyone, just put the increase UCCB in the bank as most people will have to give it back to the government in April. When the increase was put in place, the Conservatives ELIMINATED the child tax credit! gave with one hand took away with the other.

  50. BabyHavingBaby says:

    I’m just 14 but after reading some of these super great comments decided to get pregnant for all of that cash I hear they give monthly! What a boon! I’ll be able to buy so many cover girl lip glosses! PS big thanks to you wealthy folks who are forced to funnel their hard earned money into my pocket! Can’t wait to have another baby right away! It’s just so awesome sounding!

  51. Michaela Smith says:

    hey im turning 17 tomorrow and i was kicked out 6 months ago and still trying to get my baby bonus from my parents and they’ve been collecting it still and im trying to get it so i can use it for me and my bf to get a place can u please help me figure out how to get it? thanks.

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