I love to clean. Correction: I used to love to clean. Now, a clean house is my dream. Cleaning is still a regular activity but with little children and my husband, it seems like I can never confidently say, “the house is clean!”. Fondly, I remember those Saturday mornings before kids when I could clean my entire place in a few hours. Then, the rest of the weekend was mine! On Sunday evening, the house was still clean. Sigh. My house used to be so clean that you could comfortably eat off any surface. Now, there are crumbs on every surface (and that’s just from my husband!) Lately, it has seemed like all I do on the weekend is clean my house. As I clean one mess, my people are creating six more. It’s frustrating. I have seen all the infomercials for millions of products that promise to make your life easier, chemical free, and clean! Yeah right. The only thing that effectively removes dirt, grime, snot and sticky finger prints are good old-fashioned elbow grease and a powerful chemical right? Wrong. ENJO products actually work. Seriously. THEY DO.

As I sat through an ENJO demonstration I inwardly rolled my eyes as the agent promised that these products only need water, no product and very little effort. Too good to be true right?

For 3 weeks I used the home starter pack to write this review. I cleaned my entire house top to bottom in about half the time it normally takes. Weird but true. A few days later, my stainless steel surfaces were still shiny. The glass shower door, spotless. My windows, clean. Weird but true.

After looking at the prices, you may decide to close your wallet. Don’t. These products are worth every single penny.

Today, there are still crumbs on my floor and sticky finger prints on my surfaces. When I get the chance to clean, I will use ENJO products and confidently know that I am avoiding chemicals, saving time and money. Now if only ENJO could invent something that will pick up my husband’s socks, keys, wallet and so much more….


• Saves you Time – by 50% or more – leaving you more time to spend with your family

• Saves you Money – fibres last 2-3 years – eliminating disposable products – giving you $1,000 or more in real savings

• Saves your Health – no product residue left on your surfaces, no toxins or fumes lingering in the air – children and pets are protected from unnecessary hazards lessening their risk of developing chronic illnesses

• Prevents waste – no additional packaging, no product containers or accessories, everything is recyclable

• Protects natural resources – less water used in cleaning – eliminates chemicals from household cleaning that would otherwise enter the waterways

• Are manufactured responsibly in Vorarlberg Austria – Special attention is paid to ecological sustainability in the selection of raw materials, manufacturing, transport and distribution.

• 30 day money back guarantee – if you are not satisfied with the performance of your ENJO they will refund the purchase price – no questions asked

• 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects

For more information, or to view the catalogue please visit www.enjo-canada.com

Special London Moms ENJO online sale

Between now and November 10. Nanajo is offering these special gifts with purchase for all London Moms.

Purchase a Complete Home Pack receive a free bathroom scrub.

Purchase a Home Starter Pack or Floor Cleaning pack receive a free kid’s glove.

With the purchase of an ENJO for your ….bathroom,kitchen,around the house,outdoor or body receive a free ENJO body sample cloth (great for travelling,washing baby’s scalp) or a free laundry bag.

In addition purchase a Home Starter,Floor Cleaning or Complete Home Package $10 is donated to Habitat for Humanity.

To place your order, send nanajo a pm or email her at

ENJO products are all sold individually or in packages. The best value
is to purchase a package. The home starter package allows you to clean
your home chemical free for the next two to three years. That’s $2.40 -
$1.60 a week. It includes the bathroom, kitchen, dust and all purpose
gloves. The bathroom, kitchen and plus line ENJOfils. This package also includes a laundry

Do you want to try it out? One lucky London Mom will win a bathroom glove and bathroom ENJOfil! To win, post in this thread one reason you woud love to win http://forum.londonmoms.ca/77069-mamas-got-swag-enjo. Please only post once! Contest closes FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 at 8pm. GOOD LUCK!

If you would like your product or service reviewed by the Swag Mama’s, send an email to jill@londonmoms.ca

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17 thoughts on “ENJO

  1. tracy says:

    I fully agree with you, I was in the same situation as you. House never stayed clean!! I believe that chemical free cleaning in Canada is growing – and it is only going to get better!! Already you are seeing the big corporations try and get into the game as well…ie. Rubbermaid microfiber mops. Unfortunately for you, the Enjo product line are the most expensive on the market – are they really worth it?? You can get the same quality cloths for approximately half the price when you use Norwex Antibacterial Microfiber cloths. Also they offer a full line of highest quality personal care products – many of them Organically Certified!! I believe the Norwex commission structure, hostess, customer specials and money back guarantee are superior to the Enjo incentives. It is this last statement that has decided, for me, to become a Independent Norwex Consultant. If you want to see the Norwex product line, please visit my website at: http://www.tracystire.norwex.biz. There you will see, IN DETAIL, the PRICES, the BUSINESS, the COMMISSION and THE INCENTIVES!! I have tried to see the same information on a Enjo consultants’ website, but you have to contact them to see that – I want to know why??

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Tracy,

    I have a few comments about ENJO vs. Norwex…
    a) ENJO has an internationally recognized hygiene certification “HACCP” of which Norwex **cannot** get. The reason being is because Norwex does not clean pour deep and does not remove the bacteria like ENJO. ENJO cleans “at least” 6 x better than Norwex.

    b) ENJO fibres last on avg. 3 years and I have had mine for over 5 years and it is still working great! My friend purchased Norwex originally when I purchased ENJO and she told me she was trying to “save” money…and her Norwex cloth lasted about 6 months. So save money with Norwex? hmmm if i have to purchase one of your cloths every 6 months to a year – how much money am i “really” saving! Nothing – actually it costs more in the long run if you do that math (and we both did)! Of note: she is now an ENJO user! =)

    c) I was asked one time what my “deodorizer” was; compared to the Norwex deodorizer. I said we (ENJO users) don’t use chemicalsl; just the fibre and water. My green ENJO glove gets into the pours and removes all the bacteria and dirt/grime so there are no odours left behind. Norwex leaves the odours behind because they do not remove and/or kill all the bacteria, so with Norwex you have to use a “chemical” to kill the bacteria…after you clean!??!! Intersting!

    These are just “some” of the the reasons to use ENJO vs. Norwex.

    Regarding the business of ENJO. I’m pretty shocked how you have left the last few words of your post. I’m my opinion it is very unprofessional. As you saw this is an ENJO post. I don’t see why you felt the need to bash a business you don’t know anything about. As both of you ladies are in Direct Sales and should be both professionals, I find your post (to be honest) funny. In my humble opinion, I think the ENJO post was more professional and informative. And I congratulate this ENJO consultant for her presentation and knowledge.

    And ENJO donating to a charity – Habitat for Humanity – WOW – Love that!

    • Cheryl says:

      Frankly I am shocked at the facts about Norwex you are telling people! I sell neither, but I have tried both and the Norwex is a far superior product. Telling people Norwex cloths only last six months??? I have had my very first Norwex cloth for more than 6 years and it’s still going strong! And telling people it doesn’t kill b Anyone who goes on YouTube and sees the results of the tests about Norwex that prove the exact opposite of what you just said! I don’t care what people use to clean, Norwex or Enjo, but don’t bash Norwex by lying about it! Now THAT is unprofessional!

  3. Tracy says:

    Actually I have had to spend a quite of bit of time researching Enjo. Only because I run into statements made about Norwex by Enjo consultants to consumers that make me shake my head. You talk about not being very professional…

    When I asked about Enjo fibers I was told directly by an Enjo Consultant that the fibers had been split over 100Xs. The Norwex microfiber have been split that many times as well. And the consultants of the KD and the E-cloth say that theirs have as well. So the actual quality of the microfiber is the same. It is the design of the microfiber fibers that is different, each company has their own patented products. Enjo mitt fibers are jagged (according to the picture I saw) and claims that their fiber cleans “pore deep” as their fibers are designed to reach into the pores of a surface (am I correct?). Norwex microfiber are designed differently and the products have the silver integrated into the cloth to make sure that any remaining bacteria left behind in the cloth will not survive and therefore die, giving consumers an “extra peace of mind” when using the cloths. As I said, each company offers its own unique product. As well, I would like to see your proof that the Enjo cloths clean “6 times better” than Norwex cloths. Every Enjo cleaning comparison I have seen and read has been against traditional chemical methods. IMHO that is very unprofessional of you to say that if you can’t provide scientific proof on this page.

    Because of the equal quality of microfiber, Norwex cloths last just as long as the Enjo mitts do, us Consultants have many, many examples of microfiber cloths lasting 5,6 10 years and still working fine. I personally have Norwex microfiber cloths that have been through hell and back and work just as well as the day I got them – over a year ago (that is when I saw them and first purchased them). There is no having to buy cloths every 6 months. Microfiber is the same across the board, if you don’t look after it properly, it won’t work – doesn’t mattter if it is Enjo or Norwex or whatever. Norwex offers a 2 year warranty on the cloths, the same as Enjo on their mitts. As well, Norwex offers a 60 – day full money-back guarantee. Correct me if I am wrong – but Enjo is only 30 days? Also I like the fact that I don’t have to wipe in a certain direction, wring out my cloths a certain or only use cold water to make sure they are going to work (all things I have seen demonstrated and have been told by Enjo consultants). I just want to clean and be done with it (along with 99% of the world) and Norwex cloths allow me to wipe, rinse, wring out and hang to dry without all that extra fuss.

    Norwex cloths work and clean the same way as Enjo mitts – the microfiber and just water. Over 99.94% of bacteria removed (scientifically proven)as well as all dirt and grime from surfaces. There is no chemical “deoderizer” used after. You were definitely misinformed by that person. Norwex does have a line of products that are enzyme based for different uses such as removing dust mites and their excretment from your mattresses that reduces allergies and improving your sleep and a product that removes odours from the atmosphere without using chemicals ~ odours from cooking, litter boxes, diaper pails etc. A “Febreeze” type product for want of a comparison. Perhaps Enjo does not offer such a product? I am not as informed about their secondary products so I cannot say. I just know that Norwex offers, in addition to the cloths, enzyme based cleaning solutions and Organically Certified skin care products and they are absolutely excellent. I have a difficult time trying to get to see the Enjo products online.

    As for the last statement, if a company can not be upfront with their business opportunity, prices and general information – I have to wonder – what have they got to hide?? I never bashed the Enjo product, after all, chemical free cleaning is a wonderful thing that all people should be doing – it would help our earth tremendously!! It is the price of the products – they are grossly overpriced for what you get. Enjo is an Ontario – based company (HO in Mississauga) and so it has grown here quite well and for some it was the only game in town before Norwex – who has been in Canada since 1999 and its HO is based in Manitoba. My belief is that the consultants are worried about competition from another product and that is why I am hearing all the Norwex put downs in my area. I am only letting others know that there is an alternative to Enjo products out there that works just as well as Enjo does. As well, I have to say, the business opportunity end has Enjo beat – hands down!! That is one area I researched thoroughly!! A quick note, just so you know in the future, one should never make statements that they cannot back up with scientific proof. Your statement “ENJO has an internationally recognized hygiene certification “HACCP” of which Norwex **cannot** get. The reason being is because Norwex does not clean pour deep and does not remove the bacteria like ENJO.” Do you have proof of this?? Where is your proof?? That is an extremely unprofessional statement without proof to back it up! To the right people, it would also make a case for slander.

    Also, I was unaware that this was posted by an Enjo consultant, above it says that as a mom she was “trying them out” for 3 weeks while she wrote this article. Sure, I know she was given the products for a favourable review. That is a given, the products do work!! But so do Norwex products – just as well – for a lot cheaper – and that has and was my point all along!!

  4. Tammi says:

    Hello London Mom Friends,

    You should check out this bacteria test my ENJO consultant shared with me. It is an awesome test done with swabs that are used to test commercial kitchens.


    I love my ENJO and have been a faithful customer for 4 years now. I have saved soooo much money and my home is sparkling clean for my children! Not to mention that my leather couch has been brought back to life with this leather balm they have for protecting leather surfaces after you’ve cleaned them with their fibres. It smells divine!

    Too bad there is so much bashing above. I was googling ENJO and Norwex for my cleaning lady and came across this post. She has had many customers ask her to stop using Norwex and switch to using ENJO. Interesting!

    ENJO has changed our life. We are so much healthier now in so many ways.

    I love ENJO!

  5. Callie says:

    I have been a faithful Enjo user for over 2 years now. As a nurse, I was very skeptical at first, but after doing huge amounts of research, I felt very comfortable that Enjo did clean 6x better that the chemicals I had been using.

    I have been to 2 Norwex presentations in the past year, and was not impressed. Enjo gloves are not just like Norwex microfibers. Enjo microfiber cloths are similar to Norwex microfibers, but I have seen and felt them both and I can say first hand that the Enjo one is much thicker, absorbs better, doesn’t have nylon in it as a cheap filler, and isn’t made in China.

    Now as for the actual cleaning, simply – Enjo cleans pore deep, Norwex doesn’t. All the Norwex literature states is that it cleans the surface – great so does a washcloth. What makes Enjo special is that it removes bacteria from the surface AND in the microscopic pores. Also with Enjo you only need the gloves to clean and remove all bacteria and odours. Norwex still uses products and deodorizers. I can truly say I clean my whole house with only water!

    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but mine is – you get what you pay for.

  6. Tracy says:

    I can tell you right now, Norwex consultants are using those same swab tests at presentations, I have seen it…so there is no difference there. Yes, the microfiber does clean 6Xs better THAN CHEMICALS!! So does the same tests done on the Norwex microfiber!! So if you have done your reasearch Callie, you would know that a wash cloth just moves dirt, grime and everything around because it is made from cotton. Norwex microfiber is microfiber, the same as Enjo, works the same as Enjo. The number #1 complaint that I hear about Enjo products…their biggest sellers…the mitts!! Stiff, ridgid and do not get into the corners. Yes, I have spoke with people that love their Enjo and wouldn’t trade it for the world – and that is great!! It really does comes down to a personal preference!! So everyone has an opinion and this is mine…I can say FOR CERTAIN that Norwex products clean AS WELL as Enjo products for half the price!! And that is not bashing another company when you are telling the TRUTH!!

  7. Kerry says:

    Tracey above says Norwex is half the price of Enjo (yikes – Enjo must be expensive!) Well… e-cloth is half the price of Norwex, and picks up more than 99% of bacteria with just water, same as its competitors.The reason Norwex and Enjo are more expensive than e-cloth is because they’re direct sales companies with a multi-tiered commission payout structure, whereas e-cloth is direct-to-consumer with no levels at all.

    There are a few online retailers of e-cloth, and once in a blue moon you can find some of the e-cloth line in Winners, Homesense, Ross, Marshall’s etc. You can actually read a number of interesting reviews on Norwex vs. e-cloth on the blog of a former Ontario Norwex consultant who now sells e-cloth at http://cleaninup.wordpress.com/.

  8. Phyllis E says:

    I am a Norwex user. The reason I like this product is because of the embedded silver. Most microfiber cloths with a high fiber content will do an excellent job of cleaning a surface but silver halts the growth of the bacteria in the cloth I will stick with Norwex.

  9. daisy says:

    I also feel the need to comment on the silver that is in a couple of the companies microfibres (like Norwex). When I was doing my interviews with people that used these products. I asked why they liked their cloths. Often they said it was because of the silver in them. The problem is when I asked why they liked the silver their response was usually something like “because the silver kills the bacteria, so I have a bacteria free surface”. But this is not true. The silver is there to kill the bacteria that is in the cloth over a period of time. As I researched this, it really didn’t make sense to me, so I asked more questions. A Norwex consultant told me it was so that they didn’t need to wash them as often and that it prevents cross contamination of live bacteria.

    Why would someone want dead bacteria in their cleaning cloth? And cross contamination of dead bacteria doesn’t sound like a good thing either. It seems more logical to just wash the bacteria out of your cleaning cloth.

  10. daisy says:

    I also did a price comparison on the many product lines. There are obvious reasons why one product might cost more than the next… such as where it is made, how it is made and the science, testing and product development behind it.

    Some of the lines are not very extensive and really just carry microfibres. Others have a much bigger array of products to clean your whole home. ENJO & Norwex have the largest product lines so I will compare them.

    In talking with those that have extensively used both Norwex and ENJO products, it seemed that a first glance Norwex does cost less, but when figuring out everything needed for 3 years of cleaning. The price difference really wasn’t that much if any.

  11. Sally says:

    Tracy – I am very curious about the comparision you have done with the business opportunity of the companies. You said that Norwex business opportunity has ENJO’s beat hands down. Please share with us your comparison of the 2 companies. I am looking for something to do part time and would really like to hear from you what both companies offer and why you feel Norwex is the better choice for me.

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  13. Cheryl says:

    I have used both Enjo and Norwex to clean my house and I really prefer the Norwex! I have had my first Norwex cloth for over ten years and still going strong! I was invited to an Enjo party and bought some of their products and tried them and returned them and went back to using Norwex. Norwex absolutely disinfects things as it wipes! Just watch any YouTube video about Norwex. It’s too bad there is some lying going on within these posts. I have friends who love their Norwex and I have friends who love their Enjo. The most important thing is that we all are using only water to clean with and have gotten rid of the toxic chemicals in our homes!!!

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