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Do you like to golf? Does your partner? Golfing is a great way to get active during the warmer months. It’s a great sport to play when you want to hang out and catch up with friends, but also feel like you got a little exercise in when it’s all said and done. With all of the walking, the swinging and the laughing, you’ll be relaxed and ready for a nap when you’re all done ;)

The City of London has three great, affordable golf courses spread out in the west, east and southeast. They have membership options, unlimited (one-time fee and unlimited golf through the season) and regular (membership fee, plus reduced rates for each round all season), as well as non-member options.


FANSHAWE GOLF COURSE is located in northeast London, 2835 Sunningdale Road East. This is the first golf course in Canada to be fully accessible and is great for families. They have two 18-hole courses.

RIVER ROAD GOLF COURSE is located in southeast London, 2115 River Road. River Road is known for it’s scenic views and more challenging 18-hole course.

THAMES VALLEY GOLF COURSE is located in west London off of Riverside Drive, 850 Sunninghill Ave. Featuring both an 18-hole and a 9-hole course, the latter is ideal for families and kids just learning how to play.


First tee time is at 7:00am from Monday through Friday, 6:30am on weekends, beginning this Saturday, May 23.

They are open seven days a week.

Power carts are available and must be reserved in advance. See HERE for more information.


Green fees vary based on time of day, course, age, and membership, from $20-42 for guests and $10-21 for members.

For full fee information see HERE.

If you (or your partner or your kid!) play more than 15 rounds of golf per season, getting a membership is an economical choice. For rates and information, see HERE.

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