Growing Sweet Potatoes


If you’re interested in a really simple and fun way to get your children interested in growing their own food, try some sweet potato slips! Unlike most vegetables, sweet potatoes are not grown from seeds, but are grown from other sweet potatoes. You know when you leave a sweet potato in your pantry a little too long and it starts to grow legs and attempt to crawl away? That’s all part of the magic!


Head out to the market or grocery store and select a nice looking sweet potato (or many!).

Get a large mouth transparent jar and fill it with water.

Insert 3-4 toothpicks about midway down the sweet potato and slowly lower it into the jar, having it suspend itself with the toothpicks (see the picture above).

Place your jar in a warm window or under a warm light.


Your sweet potato will begin to grow roots and sprout leaves! Kids will love being able to see the roots grow down and the stems reaching up for sunlight.


When the weather is warm (i.e. June or July), you can carefully separate the slips from the original potato and plant them in containers or in your garden. They will need deep, loose soil and plenty of water to grow.

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