Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is finally here and if your kids are anything like mine they are probably bouncing off the walls as they countdown to Trick or Treating! Here are some helpful tips to keep this eve fun and safe for everyone.


Drive Slowly. There are bound to be over excited kids out there who will forget to look both ways. Help them out by slowing down and staying focused.

Go With Your Kids. Kids under 10 should have an adult or a responsible teen walking with them. Bring a flashlight!

Plan Ahead. Have a route outlined with your children so they know how far you plan to go and when the fun is up. Have a meeting point designated or a plan if you get separated.


Masks Vs. Makeup. Masks are not recommended, especially out in the dark, but if your superhero insists on donning one, make sure s/he can see clearly through and maintains her/his peripheral vision. If you are using make up, test a small spot ahead of time to make sure that your child’s skin won’t react to it.

Lagging Behind. Hike up that ballgown or cape! Make sure your child’s costume isn’t going to be a trip hazard as they go up and down driveways.

Prop Regrets. Swords, wands, and pixie dust really make the outfit, but odds are good that they will get lost somewhere along the way. Unless you are okay with carrying your child’s regretted props, leave them at home for pictures and post-Halloween dress up.


Slow down.

Look both ways.

Ask before eating.

Stick to the houses with lights on.

Stay on the porch – don’t go inside unless your parents are with you.

Remember to say Thank You!


And lastly, as it looks like it might be a wet, cold evening, bundle up! It wouldn’t be a true Canadian Halloween without that extra layer, eh?

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