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The parenting world in Ontario has been a blaze the last few days with discussion over the newly released updated version of the Health and Physical Education curriculum for grades 1 to 8 and 9 to 12. The changes to the curriculum were originally drafted five years ago, in 2010, but were set aside for political reason. The curriculum as it currently stands has not been updated since 1998. The new curriculum, which will be implemented across all school boards in Ontario, will begin in September 2015. 

The controversy about the new curriculum revolves around discussion of controversial sexual education topics, many that are in the current curriculum, but will now be introduced at younger ages. New topics will be included in the curriculum that broach discussions relating to the changes in the last seventeen years including technology use, digital photos, and cell phones.

Supporters of the new curriculum state that this update is long overdue, that it reflects the changing times and intends to provide school age kids with facts and information before their friends or the internet provides a confusing picture for them. With the average age that children enter puberty decreasing, kids need to learn about puberty and their body at a younger age. Additionally, the old curriculum was written before same-sex marriage became legal in Canada and this topic should and will be included in the new curriculum.

Those opposed to the new curriculum state that the government is overstepping and teaching children things that should be taught at home. They oppose specific topics such as homosexuality, gender fluidity, masturbation, anal and oral sex, and sexting, either due to the age that they are introduced (either specifically taught or as an optional prompt) or oppose to the topics being mentioned at all in school. They fear that discussing these topics will encourage kids to be more sexually active or try things they wouldn’t otherwise know about. Others are opposed for religious or moral reasons.

The internet – Facebook, newspapers, online blogs, etc – have come down hard either in favour or against the new curriculum. Depending on the source, you may read that children will be learning about sex in grade one, be taught to question their own gender in grade three, told it’s okay to begin dating in grade four, encouraged to masturbate in grade six, and taught all the facts and how-to’s of oral and anal sex in grade seven. Whoa, whoa! (FYI – none of these are true!). We at LondonMoms strongly encourage anyone who is interested or worried about the new curriculum to READ IT. Knowledge is power and it always makes for a better discussion.

Here is the curriculum for grades one through eight: HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Here is the curriculum for grades nine through twelve: HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Here you can read a Myth/Fact document provided to school trustees regarding the update.

Alright, so now that you’re up to date, join us in the forum or on our Facebook page and get in on the discussion!


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2 thoughts on “Health and Physical Education: The Curriculum Update

  1. nikee says:

    Disgusted with the new sex ed program thinking of pulling my kids out of school. Are you kidding me this was in part developed by child pornographer Ben Levin. Kathleen Wynne has made it clear she does not care about what parents think on morals or values. This was all implemented very sneaky. Kids are going to be emotionally very confused thinking they are any one of seven genders, it makes my head spin. They will be taught sexual ly explicit acts in grade 3, the power of suggestion will be imposed upon them early that if they like their girl friend or boy friend they may be sexual ly attracted to them. They will be taught early about its good to master bate. They will be taught to give permission for sexual touch…they are kids they cannot consent it’s always wrong for them to be touched! These are only a few concerns. This is outrageous and appalling. Kids are not maturing earlier Kathleen Wynne. They just keep getting taught about sex earlier. Oh yes and I grade 6 kids will be taught if they are going to have sex use a condom….WHAT? Are you out of your mind?

  2. Kelly Anne says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Nikee! I too am disgusted with the new proposed curriculum and am so glad to come across someone else posting this online. I realize this post is a bit old I am replying too.. But I strongly believe this curriculum should be STOPPED.

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