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If you didn’t take a moment to read your new collection calendar this fall, you may have missed the new additions. London has added the following items to your regular Blue Box pick up:


* this includes all of that annoying plastic around toys,light bulbs, and batteries. Just separate it from the cardboard (recycle that separately in your Paper Products bin) and add it to the Containers Blue Box. Christmas and birthdays just got a lot greener!


* if you didn’t have the foresight to bring a reusable coffee cup to Tim’s or Starbuck’s, at least now you can recycle the cup. Take the sleeve off if there is one and put that in the Paper bin, then take off the lid of the cup before putting both in the Containers bin. Toss the straws, stir sticks, etc. in the garbage not the recycling bin!


* ice cream tubs, boxes and cartons can all be recycled. Make sure you rinse it out first so that it doesn’t get your Blue Box all dirty when the last bits melt away.



You can also recycle juice boxes, milk and juice cartons, and cardboard cans (frozen juice, coffee, bread crumbs, hot chocolate, etc.)  in your Container bin as well!

If you don’t have a home compost to add your Halloween pumpkins to, they will be picked up at the curb with your Yard Material Collection. There are a few more pick up weeks this year – check your calendar to find out when your week is and roll them down off your porch. Take the candles out first!



Remember that kids toys, styrofoam containers and coffee cups, plastic bags, and wrapping paper CANNOT be recycled. The city spends thousands of dollars every year sorting out non-recyclables from the recyclables. Make sure your bins are sorted properly and aren’t loaded with trash.

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