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If your preschooler is anything like mine, they are starting to realize the existence of money and that it is something THEY want! Since my daughter is always asking for my change, finding the change around the house and collecting as much as she can off the grandparents (smart kid!), she will often refuse to leave the house unless she has some ‘money’ on her. Usually though it is either lost before we hit the store or her purse is too heavy (toys often took up most of the room LOL) and I end up having to be the one that carries it for her! That has changed however because of the cute Cate & Levi Moose change purse we got her!

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Not only is the change purse cute and fun, it is practical! It’s zippered mouth not only ensures that the coins stay exactly where they should, it is also still easy enough for her to open and close as she chooses.  Since it is a Cate & Levi product, I know that the quality will hold up against my tough daughter and I know that the products it is made with are not only safe but environmentally sound.  Cate & Levi toys are all handmade in Toronto with locally sourced reclaimed wool. They keep their footprint small and their quality high.

I love the funky looking feel of the purse and since it is all handcrafted with wool they come in a variety of colours and no two purses are identical! This is my favourite part: I can get one for my daughter’s best friend as a gift and while they will match,  they will each still have their own unique touches to them – just like the girls do!  And if a moose is not for you? No worries! They have a variety of different animals for your little one to choose from! Considering how much my daughter loves showing hers off, I would say it (and many other Cate & Levi products) would make a great gift for just about any occasion. We are already looking at expending our new collection to a purse pal next!
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