Everybody knows that cloth diapers are better for the environment, gentler on babies skin, and kinder to your wallet. Knowing this and doing something about it are two different things though! People are often put off by cloth diapers for three big reasons:

1. the start up costs,

2. the cleaning! and

3. the complicated process of putting them on.

While some of us think the benefits outweigh the duldrum of rinsing stinky cloths, it’s very easy to close your eyes to the waste and embrace the quick and easy disposables.

Enter London’s only diaper service: Cheerful Cheeks. With one simple service, all of your cloth diaper hesitations disappear. Trying out Cheerful Cheeks for two weeks put me in cloth diaper bliss. Without any effort on my part, a huge bag of just-like-new fresh, Canadian-made diapers, liners, AND wipes showed up at my door with a second empty diaper bag. The diapers were shaped and snapped on just like a disposable – no pins, sticky velcro or those gumby-like contraptions needed. Simple. But the absolute best part about these diapers was the clean up, which was nil. Exactly like using a disposable – I wiped with the cloth wipes, left the wipe in the diaper, and tossed the whole thing (diaper, liner, wipes) in the ‘dirty’ bag. The end. At the end of the week, the ‘dirty’ bag went on my porch and like magic they were replaced with a clean bag.

About now is where you start thinking: they’re as easy to use as disposables and there is no rinsing poop off your diapers or dealing with poop soup in your washer – what is the cost?? There is no start up fee. For only $19.95 a week (roughly the cost of a bag of diapers and a box of wipes), you get all the diapers, liners and wipes you could possibly need without ever leaving your house. In the long run, you save money for so many reasons: And if you ever decide that you’re so in love with cloth diapers that you want to invest in your own stash, Cheerful Cheeks can get you started in their shop! Tired of paying through the nose for swim diapers? Cheerful Cheeks has a better option. Need a new wet bag for when you leave the house? They’ve got those, too.

Cheerful Cheeks was started in 2008 and was taken under new ownership in September 2011. It is now run by Carrie, a wonderful London Mom and mother of two cloth-bummed little girls. Carrie is a cloth diaper expert who can answer all of your diapering questions! From birth right up until toilet training, first child or fifth, it’s never too soon or too late to get started in cloth.

If you’re ready to make the switch, give it a test run or just add to your stash, Mama’s Got Swag is here to help. We have a $30 gift certificate that can be used toward anything in their store or toward your first 4 weeks of the diaper service!

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Good luck! Enter the contest as many ways as you like; keep tweeting daily for extra chances! Contest closes FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012!

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3 thoughts on “Mama’s Got Swag: CHEERFUL CHEEKS

  1. valerie godin says:

    Who makes Cheerful Cheeks ? Well the diapers are made locally by work-at-home-moms and grandmas but Carrie is the owner/operator.

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