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It’s winter. The weather is all over the place, we’re inside with dry air, outside with freezing air, hot showers, rosy cheeks, and the deadly combination of over washed hands and nosed rubbed raw from tissues. You’d think our skin would be used to this by now, but you’d be wrong! Along with colds and flu, skin irritations seem to make the annual visit to my house this time every year. My daughter has very dry skin, my son has eczema and seems to have the perma-teething rash on his face as he cuts molars, and my hands get so dry they start to crack in the winter. We are a mess.

I received Balmers Naturals Monkey Balm with the promise that this over-sized, lip balm-looking product would be the answer to my prayers. With mild curiosity and a desire to try pretty much anything, I started to use it. Monkey Balm is made from all natural (for real, no quotes over the word natural, it really is) ingredients. The main ingredient is Sea Buckthorn oils (certified organic and from a sustainable, fair-trade source). It’s a solid product in a tube that you rub over your skin, where ever and when ever it’s needed. It’s perfectly safe for all ages, from newborn and beyond.

I started with my sons dry patches, just gliding the stick over his arms and covering it up with his PJ’s before bed and again in the morning when he woke up. They went away – just like that, within a couple of days. I was impressed! About this time our family was hit with colds and my poor boy woke up with the usual dried snot all over his face (great visual, eh?). It was dry, red, and painful. I hesitantly swiped the stick over the sore skin and waited. He didn’t react at all – the balm truly IS non stinging. That night I also started doing a swipe across his face before bed and despite back-to-back colds, his face has been soft and clear. He now grabs it out of my hand when I show it to him and rubs it on his skin himself – he loves it, too!

After seeing this success, I decided to try it on my elbows, my feet, my hands, my knees… oh my. The relief is instant, the results are lasting. It smells exactly like juicy raisins, is slightly oily, and takes it’s time absorbing into your skin in a barrier that really protects. Putting it on before bed is heavenly – my hands look younger overnight and I truly wish I had thought to take before and after pictures because the difference is amazing. I love love love the simple, convenient application of it. There is no risk of lotion-explosion in my purse, the smell is not offensive and perfumy, and it lasts an incredibly long time.

Monkey Balm is great not only for dry skin and eczema, but also skin irritations, diaper rash, sun/wind burns, rosacea, and itchy or cracked skin.  You can buy Monkey Balm online (look for the instructions on shipping to Canada!). Right now they have a Buy 2, Get 1 Free promo, so act soon! You can also find them on Facebook to stay on top of exclusive coupons and offers: 

If you’re looking to try-before-you-buy, enter now for your chance to win TWO sticks of Monkey Balm!  There are three ways to enter this contest (for Mama’s Got Swag Rules and FAQ please see: ):

1. Send an email to with MONKEY in the subject line. Please include your full name and username in the body of the message.

2. LIKE on Facebook AND comment on the wall about the review

3. LIKE Monkey’s Balm on Facebook AND comment on the wall about the review

This contest closes SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 2012 at 8pm. Good luck!!


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