I was told once about how an Olympic athlete tried to follow a toddler all day long and do exactly what they did – up, down, squat, run, jump, climb… the story goes that the athlete had to quit before the kid did. I’m not sure if it actually happened, but what is true is that kids move! All day long, constantly going, going going. When Jennifer O’Reilly introduced me to Peekaboo Beans clothing for kids, she asked me: if you moved that much, what would you want to be wearing? It seems kids clothing can either be cute and stylish, mini-adult clothing like jeans and dresses or they are boring cotton shirts and pants. Peekaboo Beans fills the in-between gap – gorgeous, bright, stylish playwear! Often referred to as ‘Lululemon for kids’, these clothes are exactly what I would want to play in.

When I was approached about doing a review for Peekaboo Beans, it was a no-brainer. Peekaboo Beans has a huge following on the west coast and my sister is constantly raving about the fabulous clothes she gets for my nieces. When our beans arrived in the mail, both my 6 year old daughter and I danced around like it was Christmas. She immediately put on the outfit and refused to take it off. Something as simple as yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt was made infinitely more cool by Peekaboo Beans. The pants have a drawstring (that is sewn in – no getting lost inside!) and the waist can be folded over so that they grow with your child. The fabric is stretchy, comfortable and incredibly durable. The shirt has pockets (what kid does not love pockets?) and thumb loops that are both functional (makes getting on sweaters and jackets over top easier) and cool (according to my daughter).

Peekaboo Beans clothing is obviously the brainchild of a mother. The clothing has no buttons or snaps, only drawstrings (that can’t be lost) and elastic. The colours are bright and easily matched together making coordination simple and easy. Necklines that easily stretch over heads; flat, seamless stitching; iron on labels (no tags), pre-washed to prevent shrinking, chin guards on all the zippers, easily cared for, and did I mention how CUTE this clothing is? Perhaps one of my favourite thing about Peekaboo Beans is how the clothes grow with your child: that gorgeous, ruffly play dress this summer is next winters layered tunic and next summers tank top; your toddler’s knees are protected this summer by those below-the-knee shorts that will be next summer’s above-the-knee shorts; there’s even a dress/tunic – turned long skirt – turned short skirt. The versatility is amazing! And the best part is – the clothing is such great quality that it will look as great two years in as it did when you got it. ‘Vintage Beans’ (aka, second hand beans) are a hot commodity for this very reason!

Peekaboo Beans is sold in select retail stores through Canada and is only available in London through Independent Soiree Stylists like Jennifer O’Reilly. Peekaboo Beans have one outfit per season for babies and come in sizes 1 through 8 for both boys and girls. They will be launching a Tween line this fall with sizes 6-14. If you’re interested in seeing more of the current Peekaboo Beans line in person (which I highly recommend!) you can arrange a Soiree with Jenn (email or you can check them out at the Bump, Baby & Toddler Show on May 26/27th where there will be a Peekaboo Beans fashion show at 11am on both days. Interested in becoming a Peekaboo Beans Stylist yourself? Talk to Jenn!

Start building your bean collection – we have a $40 in Playmoney to us on/toward your Spring 2012 Beans purchase with Jenn. She’s also including free shipping and no tax on your purchase! The only trouble you’ll have (and I’m speaking from experience here!) is stopping yourself from buying the whole line  Take a look to get you excited:

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