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Teaching is not just a job where you punch the clock. It’s a calling. It takes a special person to get up every morning and inspire young minds to learn and grow.

The book “Teaching Is…” by Marjan Glavac is a wonderful collection of teaching anecdotes that will inspire anyone to take a bit of extra care and time with people at any age and stage of learning.

Teaching Is: Moments that Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make a Difference

It’s a great quick read to inspire and motivate. After a hard day this book can be a refreshing reminder of why teachers teach, what it was that called them to their profession. 

A difficult choice, but my favourite quote in the book would be “You can tell if it’s a full moon or if a storm is coming without every going outside”. So true! My kids are off the walls every full moon! I also love “Leaving school on a late Friday night exhausted, but knowing deep down that you made a difference”. Having a retired teacher for a Mom, I saw first hand the late night marking, the lessons prepped on weekends, the hours over the summer spent in the empty classroom getting as ready as she could for that first Spetember day back. Teaching isn’t just showing up and getting in front of those students, it’s a personal commitment to shape the next generation. 

Mr. Glavac captures the behind-the-scenes teaching commitment in his book, and the decades later rewards of seeing those children grow into magnificent adults.

In addition to writing this book Mr Glavac is also the creator of the online teacher resource Teacher Source for Classroom Management and Student Success I checked it out and it’s a one stop shop to tips and ideas for making learning fun for kids of all ages. It’s up to date with links, videos, resources and a monthly newsletter. I got a few ideas for letter recognition with my three year old! And writing tips with my five year old! 

The end of the school year is just around the corner and Teaching Is… makes a fantastic, unique gift. At only $9.95, you cannot beat it for price either! You can order direct from Marjan Glavac’s website with discounts for bulk or just add it to your order from Amazon!…dp/0968331025/ 

You can also get your hands on a copy of Teaching Is… through Mama’s Got Swag! The contest closes SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012

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One thought on “Mama’s Got Swag: TEACHING IS…

  1. Lorna d'Entremont says:

    Great review of what seems to be a great book. Your choice of quotes is so good! Love this one,“You can tell if it’s a full moon or if a storm is coming without every going outside” because it is so true. I am a retired teacher with 30 years in elementary classrooms and could relate to all you wrote!

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