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Summertime is here!! Are you already thinking about how to keep your kids occupied? Worried about how to keep them learning over these two long months? I’ve got the answer! Every now and then I stumble upon something that grabs my attention and gets me really excited. uKloo is one of those things! This is a game for early school age kids, learning to read. It’s concept is simple, but the execution is just so well-thought out it could only be created by a mom – and it was! Doreen Dotto created it for her son who was struggling to learn to read.

What kid doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt? That’s what uKloo is all about! The game has three colour-coded decks of 14 cards each with clues on each card. There are also 12 blank SURPRISE! cards. The three sets of cards are for three different reading and comprehension levels. Yellow is for early readers (Look under the mat), blue is a bit harder (Find it in your mom’s shoe) and red is the most challenging (Search under your chair beside the table). All of the clues will lead your child to some place in your own home, just sort through and pull out the ones you want to use in the right colour and you are ready to play. Hide the clues in sequential order, ending with a Surprise! card and/or the surprise of your choice. Give the first card to your child and let the fun begin! Worried about your child not being able to read all the words on the clue? Doreen thought of that! The game comes with a Picture Helper poster for your fridge or other central location. It has all of the words with pictures above them to help your child decipher what is being asked of them. Genius!

My five year old was ready to play the moment I told her what it was. A quick run around the house and the game was set up and ready for her. I started with just five cards to keep her interested, all from the yellow deck. She got to the end and begged to play again. We played it three times that night, adding more cards each time. As soon as she went to bed, I jumped online and ordered 5 more games for future birthday party gifts, I was just as hooked as she was!

Since then, the fun has not slowed down. Barely a day passes that she doesn’t ask to play. She now does a mix of 20 yellow and blue (level 1 and 2) cards. With the Picture Helper poster, this gives her about 15-20 minutes of independent reading/play to find the treasure. My three year old loves to follow her along, finding the next clues as the hints are read out, seeing who can get to the next spot first. What do I love best about uKloo? Where do I begin?? I love that it’s all set up and that I never have to scribble clues on scraps of paper, trying to remember what she is and is not able to read. It grows with her, so as she gets more proficient, the game continues to challenge her. I love that she loves it and begs every playmate that enters our house to play it with her (with huge success, I might add).


My family is definitely having a lovefest with this game, but we are not the only ones. uKloo is getting some amazing attention lately, everyone from Dr. Toy, Play on Words, The Noise on Toys, Get Kids Reading and even (gulp!) the Dragon’s Den are following the clues that lead them to the uKloo surprise.


Want to get your child reading? See why I love this game so much. The game is available online for $14.95, but keep your eyes open for it – a game this awesome will be on store shelves everywhere before you know it. And one lucky LondonMom is going to make her kids’ summer by getting one of these games for free! You know the drill…

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Contest closes FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011 at 8pm. Good luck!!

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