New London Moms Writer: Caroline Ehrhardt


Hi everyone! My name is Caroline Ehrhardt, and I am really excited to be a writer here at London Moms. I wanted to start off by briefly introducing myself. I moved to London in 2010 from Espanola, the small northern town where I grew up. I am currently studying at Western University, and I will be graduating with a degree in health promotion in June 2015. I plan on then pursuing a degree in writing. Aside from my academics, I am also a track and field athlete. I am the three-time Canadian champion in triple jump and have represented Canada on the world-stage on multiple occasions. My athletic aspiration is to one day compete at the Olympic Games. What’s more important to me than being a world-class athlete, however, is being someone with world-class character. No matter where this sport takes me, I am just happy to let my athletic journey’s multiple trials, tribulations and experiences mould me into an individual with good character. At the end of the day, I just feel lucky to be pursuing what I love and learning a few things along the way. Really, that’s what life is all about!

A few years ago, I started volunteering with the organization Childreach. Here I had the opportunity to meet lots of families in London. Still relatively new to the London area, I was always surprised to hear of all the different community events that the parents were discussing. I think London has a lot to offer to families, and that is part of why I am so excited to be a part of London Moms. With the new changes Leslie is making to the site, London Moms blog will be the ultimate guide to London; the best places to eat, the best places to shop, the best things to do with your family on the weekend – you name it, and we’re going to write about it. We hope the blog can be a place you can check out to find current and interesting things that are going on in the city. Every day, we will post new articles and events to help keep you updated on all the wonderful things that London has to offer.

Please don’t hesitate to leave comments on my articles or contact Leslie and me with ideas and suggestions to improve the blog!

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Caroline Ehrhardt

Caroline is a student at the University of Western Ontario currently working towards a degree in Health Promotion. Aside from her academics, Caroline is also a track and field athlete competing at the national and international level in the discipline of triple jump. She aspires to one day represent Canada at the Olympics. Her other interests include reading, writing, and dogs.

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