No-Sugar Valentine’s Treats


Valentine’s Day is quickly becoming the Pink Halloween, which can be tricky when you’ve just finished off the Christmas loot and you’re anticipating the Easter Bunny’s arrival in a few months. If your children are school-age, you can’t control what comes home from their friends, but you can limit the treats that come from YOU. If you want to show your love, without the sugar rush, try some of these ideas:


Your significant other isn’t the only one who needs to hear why you love them! Write your children a note (or draw a picture if they can’t read!) and tell them what makes them special, what you love about them, what they do that makes you proud. Tell them a story about when you first fell in love with them.


They’re going to be eating throughout the day, sugar or not, so make every meal special by turning it into hearts. If you plan ahead, you can think up a way to incorporate hearts into every meal – using a cookie cutter on their sandwiches, cheese, fruit, veggie slices, etc. Heart-shaped french toast or pizza are pretty good staples on Valentine’s Day, but you could really take it up a notch by making roasted potatoes, beets or whatever else you can think up into heart shapes.


Since this Valentine’s Day is a Saturday, you’ll have the whole day to find ways to surprise your kids. A scavenger hunt through the house is a great way to keep them busy, practice their reading, work together, and have fun! Cut out clues on red construction paper and have the treasure at the end be a big hug from you! Not reading yet?  Hide the hearts around their playroom or bedroom and have them find them all.


Start the day with some new crafting supplies and spend the day putting them to good use. If you’re stuck for ideas, visit our Pinterest page or for really simple ideas, have a look HERE.


If you really want to give your child actual Valentines treats, there are some cute (and perfectly cheesy) alternative ideas HERE that can be paired with a homemade Valentine card, like cheese strings, fruit, pencils, glow sticks, nailpolish, stickers, temporary tattoos, crayons, playdoh, Valentine’s socks, etc. Remember all of those no-sugar stocking stuffer ideas you had? Pick one or two and you’re done!


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