2015 Reading Challenge

reading challenge

While people may be making New Year’s resolutions, choosing words and intentions for 2015, starting money challenge or beginning fitness journeys, I tend to begin each year excited for a fresh new Reading Challenge. Does that make me a big nerd? I’m okay with that. I love to read and I love a good challenge.

The internet is full of reading lists that you can attempt, but I’m going to challenge you to complete this one. Join the forum and track your progress with the rest of us. Every time you finish a book, let us know. Need an idea for a book? See what everyone else is reading! There are 26 books to complete this challenge – that’s one every two weeks.

Think you can do it?

Ready… Set… READ!


1. A book published the year you were born.

2. A book of fiction.

3. A book of nonfiction.

4. A book of short stories.

5. A chapter book read to your child/ren and/or fur/feather/fin babies.

6. A book of short stories.

7. A book you read (or should have read) in your teens:

8. A Young Adult book.

9. A book written by a celebrity (not a celebrity for their writing!).

10. A book by someone who is deceased.

11. A book with more than 500 words.

12. An instruction manual.

13. A book-turned-movie/TV show.

14. An award-winning book.

15. A book by a Canadian author.

16. A book by a female author.

17. A book about a mother.

18. A book in a genre you would never choose to read.

19. The second book in a series.

20. A book your partner/friend recommends.

21. A book your boss recommends.

22. A book with publications in multiple languages (more than just English and French).

23. A book where a character gives birth.

24. A book that involves sports.

25. A book from another LondonMoms booklist.

26. Your favourite children’s book.



Word of the Year


If you aren’t too consumed with holiday crafts, parties, pageants, and every other wonderful thing that happens in mid-December, you may remember that the year 2014 is quickly coming to a close!  It has become very popular to choose a word of the year (or WOTY if you’re really cool) to summarize the previous year. Yesterday, Merriam-Webster announced that their WOTY for 2014 is CULTURE. Earlier, Oxford chose the word VAPE for 2014 and Dictionary.com has chosen EXPOSURE.

While many media outlets are looking backwards over the past year, it is also a time to look ahead and begin planning for 2015. As words can be found to define an entire year, people have begun choosing words to replace mantra’s, quotes or resolutions for their hopes and plans for the coming year. A WOTY can be a goal, a positive thought, a hope or desire, a focus or even encouragement, and it can give you direction and guidance with decision making.

How Does it Work? Simple: Pick a word. Pick two or three or seven, it’s your year, do what you want. If a word hasn’t already jumped into your head, then pause a moment and think about the next 12 months, really think about it. Run your mind over all of the events already planned out. Maybe look over the last 12 months and think about what you liked about them, what you would’ve done differently, how you wish you would’ve reacted to different events. What do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of in your life? Find a word or words to describe your goal(s).

Need some inspiration? Here are a few popular words: Continue reading