Birthday Parties in London: Part 4


This is the last installment of our list of places to have your child’s birthday party. London has so many awesome and unique places to host a party, many just didn’t fit into a category that could be defined as anything other than: FUN. So, there they are!



Both the Centre branch and the Stoney Creek branch offer birthday parties with one hour in a party room and one hour in the gym or the Treehouse (Stoney Creek only). Pizza, juice and a party host are included! See the link for more information.

Storybook Gardens

Storybook has party packages for spring, summer and winter! Spend some time in the pavilion for refreshments and cake, and then spend the day on the rides and exploring the park with friends! See the link for more information.


Good old McDonald’s has been throwing birthday parties for decades! A McDonald’s host will entertain your guests with games and activities, the playland, and even a Happy Meal to make everyone happy. See the link for more information.

Adventures on Wonderland

AOW has three party packages to choose from, all with add-ons to customize your party experience. Enjoy lots of time to play on their indoor playland and an hour in a private playroom with drinks and a cake. See the link for more information.


Kidscape has three party packages to choose from, depending on whether your child would like to spend a lot of time on the indoor playground or making ceramic plates in the art room. Either way, they will have time in a private party room with the option of adding on food. See the link for all of the information.


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Birthday Parties in London: Part 3


There are so many great places in London to host your child’s birthday party, we are only halfway through our list! Adding to the list today are places to educate your child while they’re having fun and get them moving with gymnastics and dance.


Dance Extreme

Your child and your party guests have many different party options and themes to choose from to make your party so much fun! Learn a new dance, do a craft, sleepover at the studio! The choice is yours. See the link for more information.

Elan Dance Arts

Pick your child’s favourite dance style and Elan will create an exciting dance party for your guests. Whether they want to be a b-boy, princess, ballerina, or Broadway star, their birthday dreams can come true! See the link for more information.



Gymworld offers birthday parties for up to 16 children. A two-hour party includes one hour in the gym and 1 hour in a party room with pizza and cake. See the brochure in the link.

The Little Gym

The Little Gym has 90 minute parties for kids ages 1 to 12. The whole gym will be yours with songs, games, playing and fun in the party room. See the link for more information.

London Gymnastics Academy

LGA has great birthday parties for kids that include one hour in the gym and 30 minutes for pizza and cupcakes. Parties are not scheduled during competition season when they gym is in high demand. For more information, see the link.

Forest City Gymnastics

Forest City hosts gymnastics birthday parties from September to June. Parties are two hours in length – one hour in the gym and one hour in a party room. Parties do not include refreshments, but you are welcome to bring in your own. See the link for more information.


Museum of Archaeology

What could be more fun than digging for dinosaurs, pretending to be a CSI investigator, or exploring native legends in a longhouse? Doing it with your best friends on your birthday, of course! With five party themes to choose from, these parties are not only tons of fun, but also educational. See the link for more information.

Mad Science

The Mad Lab is available for your birthday party! Bring your party to them for some scientifically fabulous fun. There are five themes to choose from and many options to make your party extra special. See the link for all of the information.

Children’s Museum

The London Regional Children’s Museum has parties for children aged 1 to 7. Crafts, science, dinosaurs, or space – the theme is up to you! Enjoy guided activities and fun time in the museum. See the link for all of the information.

Studio Arts

Who wouldn’t want to be a rockstar on their birthday? Experiment with instruments, learn a few songs and put on a full rock concert on stage with professional lights, sound, and special effects. Studio Arts do birthdays for kids of all ages! See the link for all of the rockin’ information.

Birthday Parties in London: Part 2


Our list of places to celebrate your child’s birthday is growing! For those of you who want to do something a little bit more laid back, but still lots of fun, this is the list for you!


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Birthday Parties in London: Part 1


We have discussed some great options for having birthday party entertainers come to your house for your child’s birthday party, now we are going to fill you in on all of the great places outside of your home that can help celebrate the big day. If you have a small home or apartment, have a large guest list, or just hate the thought of all that cleaning and organizing, then a party out of the home might be the thing for you. The list of places is so long, we are splitting it up over more than one post!


South London Community Pool 

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Birthday Parties at Home


Birthday parties have come a long way since we were children. There was a time when home parties were the only option – Musical Chairs, Pass the Parcel, and that poor donkey who had lost his tail. The times have changed! No longer are the parents responsible for doing all of the work. Make a call, tidy up your home, get a cake, and let these folks do the rest!


If your birthday boy or girl is a big fan of Super Heroes, then bring on the A1 Hero team! They have multiple party options for most of their themes: Star Warriors, Amazing Spider Superhero, the Avenging Superheroes, the Bat superhero, the Ninja Turtles superheroes, and the Man of Steel. Your child will believe their favourite hero is right there in their home! With scripts and activities, these superheroes will rock your party. See HERE for more information.


This is classic entertainment at it’s best! Balloon sculpting, face painting, glitter tattoos, dress up, magic shows, popcorn, cotton candy, crafts, pirates, princesses and whatever else you can imagine! With multiple party packages and options to choose from, these parties cater to all ages and all sizes of groups. See HERE for more information.


What could be better than a zoo brought to you? Little Ray’s will combine education and fun with their collection of animals for your guests to learn about and interact with. Their parties can be done inside or outside (under certain conditions) and can accommodate any sized group. See HERE for more information.


Is there anything better than some hands-on, crazy, fun learning? Mad Science brings the lab to you with five birthday party topics and three party packages. They cater to children ages 5 to 12 and guests will get to take home some science fun when they leave the party. There is no limit to the number of kids you have at your party, they just need to know in advance so that they can bring enough supplies! See HERE for more information.


My Perfect Princess Party has so many options for your birthday girl or boy! They have parties with all of the most popular princesses – including Anna and Elsa! – as well as Tinkerbell, Draculaura from Monster High, and even a Pop Star Dance Party option! These parties are great for children 3 to 11 and can accommodate any number of guests. See HERE for more information.


What could be sweeter than a cupcake mani/pedi, a sparkle tattoo and a lot of fun? The ladies at Pampered Soles bring the spa to your house with three party packages to choose from. The parties are for up to 6 guests with the option of adding more children for an additional charge. This is the perfect addition to a slumber party or a party for older children. See HERE for more information.


If your goal is to wow and amaze your party guests, then Ricky Magic is where it’s at! Ricky has four magical party options to choose from, beginning with the basic 35 minute engaging magic show, the 45 minute show where your child (sort of!) disappears, the 60 minute show that has your child levitating and a magical bunny appears, or the whole 90 minute enchilada! See HERE for more information.


After the Sugar High


Halloween is over and this is usually about the time when I realize that eating my kid’s candy after they go to bed is going to be a bad idea long term. The alternative (them eating all the candy) is also a bad idea though! There just doesn’t seem to be enough floss and toothpaste to get us through the aftermath, never mind the nutritional void in their diet from filling up on sugar for weeks on end. Are you in the same boat? Here are some tips for how to get rid of all the candy:

SWITCH WITCH: this is an idea that seems to be growing in popularity over the years. I’m not sure where it originated, but it’s pretty smart! Tell your children that the Switch Witch is going to be visiting. She takes all of the leftover candy and swaps it for something equally desirable like a new toy, books, gift certificate or outing pass. If your kids wouldn’t be devastated by this switch, it’s a great idea! And then what to do with the candy…

LOOT BAGS: if your child/ren has a birthday in the next few months, save some of the packages for the loot bags or as prizes for games.

PARTY TREATS: collect all of the little packages that are the same/similar and the next time you have friends over and want a little something sweet, just rip them all open and put them in a bowl. Add nuts and seeds to make a sweet trail mix.

PINATA: stuffing a pinata with good candy can be so expensive! Stuff it with Halloween candy instead.

IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER: save those little bags of chips and Doritos and crush them up – they make great toppings for taco salad or casseroles.

COWORKERS: we all have coworkers who don’t have children in the trick-or-treating age range, right? Treat them with your leftovers! If you have a desk, put some in a bowl for visitors.

BAKE WITH IT: cupcakes, cookies, squares and icing often call for chocolate bars. Freeze those mini ones and use them for many baking days over the winter. Do you do an annual Gingerbread House? Save those gummy candies, Skittles, M&M’s and anything else that can be stuck onto rooftops and windows.

ADVENT CALENDARS: Buy a reusable Christmas countdown with daily boxes that can be opened. Stuff those boxes with Halloween treats! If you’re really crafty, hit up Pinterest for some DIY calendars.

STOCKING STUFFERS: it’s fine, candy doesn’t go bad! Save those little chocolate bars and give them in two months. Yes, it means it’s going back to your kids, but at least they sugar will be spread out a little.


And if the idea of using a Switch Witch is ridiculous because you have already eaten all of the candy and treats in your house, don’t worry – I’m sure it’s still on sale for 75% off. Go stock up. ;)