The Library Store


It’s no secret that I am enormous fan of the entire Christmas season. From the time I break out the scarves, until the last twinkling light is packed away, I am a happy woman. However, if there is one thing that can put a damper on my hohoho, it is the accumulation of Too Much Stuff. October becomes my favourite time of year to do a thorough evacuation of our excess possessions and send off what I can to other homes. Combine this urge to purge with a true love for our phenomenal public library system here in London and you get The Library Store.

The Library Store takes donations of used books and other materials to resell or add to the library’s borrowing stock. While any library is generally able to accept small donations, the Central Branch is equipped to receive your big annual clean out. Any gently used and relevant adult, teen or children’s books are happily accepted (time to clear out those board books!), special interest books (like that Atkins cookbook you used once or the knitting book someone swore you would love), recent popular magazines (thank you QSP fundraiser) and any CD’s or DVD’s that your children have not managed to scratch. They will even take your completely useless collection of VHS movies,so get rid of them! They don’t want all of your junk though – please find another home for your old highlighted textbooks, your 1985 encyclopedia’s and your child’s book with the questionable stain.

The Library Store has a permanent location at the downtown Central Branch in Citi Plaza. It is a fantastic used book store where you can purchase overstocked or donated items such as novels, children’s books, magazines, CD’s and DVD’s – not only is it a great place to donate your previously loved items, but it also makes a great Christmas-on-a-Budget shop, especially if you still have a functioning VHS player.

Volunteers from the Friends of the London Public Library run the store, with proceeds going back to the library and special projects of the LPL system. For more information, have a look at their website: