The Nutcracker Ballet


Attending the Nutcracker Ballet is a treasured family holiday tradition for many families and this year it can be a part of your festivities. Canada’s celebrated Ballet Jorgen is coming to Centennial Hall in downtown London!

The classic Christmas story of the Nutcracker will light up the imagination of every boy and girl. From the Sugar Plum Fairy to the battle with the Mouse King to the magic of the Nutcracker Prince finding his courage and of course Clara, who is brave and full of adventure, the magic will stay with your children long after the last step.  The beautiful music of Tchaikovsky that accompany’s the story is immediately recognizable and will draw your children in to the beauty of the instruments. The Ballet Jorgen has incredibly talented dancers and the opportunity to see such talent here in London should not be missed. Come see why this production has been anticipated year after year during the holiday season. Discover it for yourself and get lost in the magic that Tchaikovsky envisioned so long ago.  Continue reading

Stuart McLean


Canada has raised many story tellers, but none are quite like Stuart McLean. You may have seen or even read a book or two from his Vinyl Cafe series. If you are smart, you’ve caught his program, The Vinyl Cafe on CBC Radio or Sirius Satellite Radio. However, the truly fortunate have been able to see Stuart McLean live in action.

It is difficult to describe his live concerts to someone who has not been there before. It is part Christmas show, part book reading, part musical concert. It is fully entertaining.

The Vinyl Cafe series centres around a family, Dave and his wife Morley, their two children and all of the neighbours and customers at the Vinyl Cafe where Dave works. His stories are beautiful. They are stories that, like a child, you could listen to them over and over and even when you know what is coming, it still catches you. One minute your eyes will be filled with tears of laughter, the next, tears of love. Mostly laughter though! Stuart McLean has a way of unraveling a tale in a way that makes you hang on to every word and at the end, you’re convinced that HE is actually Dave and that all of these vivid people really exist and that you know them well. To see him tell his stories live is to appreciate true story telling.

Stuart McLean is coming to Centennial Hall this December on his Christmas tour with special musical guest Chic Gamine. There will be two shows this year: Thursday, December 18 and Friday, December 19, both at 7:30pm.  Tickets are available online, by phone or in person at the Centennial Hall box office. For more information see HERE.