Compost Value Day


Compost Value Day is this Saturday, May 2, from 8:00am to 2:00pm – if it lasts that long! 


Bring a 30L container and shovel to either of the Compost Value Day locations and fill it for only $3. If you don’t have a container, it is $4 for the same amount.

The compost is made from leaf and yard materials and is garden-ready.

Compost is full of great things for your garden and your lawn, improving soil quality and the health of your grass and plants. Mix it with your own compost, topsoil, or just put it directly on your garden.


Amway: 365 Exeter Road at White Oak Road

Masonville Place parking lot behind Nash Jewellers: Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond St. north

PROCEEDS from the Compost Sale go to:

London and Area Food Bank

Boys & Girls Club of London

Community Garden Project

Thames Region Ecological Project

London Composts