National Immunization Awareness Week


The Ministry of Health has launched a National Immunization Awareness Week to promote facts and information about immunizations and to remind people to update their own immunizations and their children’s. The recent outbreaks in the United States as well as in Quebec and here in Ontario are a good reminder that these diseases are only absent when we protect ourselves. Immunizing your family protects not only your family, but also children and adults who cannot be immunized due to age, allergies, medication or compromised/suppressed immunity due to things like cancer treatment or organ transplant. Our most vulnerable populations rely on us to keep up our immunizations.


Immunize Canada has created an app for your smart phone or device to keep track of your family’s vaccinations and to make sure that they’re up to date. The app also has reminders for when someone is due for a vaccination, tips on how to prepare your children for their immunizations, recommendations for vaccines if you’re travelling, and notifications of outbreaks.

We are careful to keep our children updated, but when is the last time you had your own immunizations updated? See a full list of immunizations for adults HERE and check in with your GP to see if you are updated.


We at LondonMoms recognize that vaccinations are a polarizing topic and that those who are anti-vaccinations will not be swayed by the Ministry of Health or any other pro-vaccine source. If you would like to discuss vaccines further, please visit the forum and either search for old discussions or start your own!