Easter Weekend: Open/Closed


Unless you’ve been living in a mommy-haze (and hey, we’ve been there), you have probably realized that today is Good Friday and the majority of the city has the day off.  If you have forgotten to get groceries in that mommy-haze, you are out of luck today, but here is what will be open and when:


SCHOOLS! Don’t send your kids today!

All grocery stores

Government offices, including city hall

All London Public Library branches

Canada Post (no mail delivery)

No garbage/recycling pick up Continue reading

This Weekend in London


** You might notice that our post is BLUE today! That’s because it is WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS  DAY. We have lots of love for our children, neighbours, friends, classmates, cousins, nephews, nieces, sisters, and brothers with autism, all of the therapists, teachers, aides, volunteers, and clinicians who are working with the ASD community and ESPECIALLY all of the LondonMoms out there who are supporting someone with ASD. For more information on ASD and the London branch of Autism Ontario, see HERE

It is Easter weekend and if your kids are school-aged, that means they’ll be home for a whole four days in a row. That is either cause to celebrate or cringe! We suggest you enjoy it! If you’re looking for something to do before or after that giant bunny drops by your house, here are our suggestions. 


There are a number of Easter Egg Hunts happening in London this weekend, other than the ones that the EB may leave for you in your own home! 

German Canadian Club

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Easter Eggs


Easter is less than one week away and whether you are celebrating the Christian way or just with the good ol’ Easter Bunny, there’s a good chance that Easter eggs are going to play a part in your festivities. If you are looking to decorate your eggs in some new and fabulous way, we have Googled and pinned to the best of our ability to bring you a bevy of Easter egg possibilities. All you have to answer is this: hard boiled or blown?

Preparing Your Eggs

There are three ways that you can get your eggs ready for decorating. The first is to leave them raw. This is ill advised because of the length of time you will likely have them out and the mess that they will make if they accidentally slip from little hands. It is unlikely that they will be in any decent shape to eat after decorating and they will likely begin to smell, depending on how soon you decorate them.

Option two is to hard boil your eggs. Continue reading