Earth Day 2015


Today is Earth Day! A wonderful day to celebrate this gorgeous planet we live on and to take a moment to see if there is more that we can do for it to preserve it’s beauty. London has been celebrating with it’s annual 12 Days of Cleaning. Have you been keeping up? If not, there’s no time like the present to jump in and clean up your act. Get the kids involved, make it a game!


Here are some of London Clean and Green’s ideas for what you should do to clean up your own small part of the world:

LCBO and Beer Store

Clear out all of your empties and return them to the Beer Store. You can return nearly everything that you get from either the LCBO or The Beer Store – beer, wine, liquor bottles, cans, and boxed wine (recycle the cardboard box, return the bag). There’s money in this for you!


Your garage is likely home to many special waste that requires care when disposing. See HERE for a list of materials that should not be placed at the curb with your usual waste and the locations at which you can dispose of them.

Renovation Materials

Have you done a reno? Big or small – whether there are empty paint cans or large amounts of debris, find out where to take them HERE.

Clothing Drive

This is the perfect time of year to clean out your closets! Clear out all of the warmer clothes in your closet that you’ve gone the whole winter without wearing, anything that does not fit, and anything that you just don’t like or need. Do the same thing in your children’s closets and your partners. Once collected, you can choose to drop it all off at the nearest GoodWill, a clothing drop-off bin, a consignment store, hold a garage sale, jump in on a mom to mom sale or pass them on to someone who could use them.

Medicine Cabinet

We recently posted about stocking your First Aid kit. If you have cleaned out your medicine cabinet or if it’s still on your list of things to do, be sure to return all of your old or expired medications to your nearest pharmacist to properly dispose of them. Do not throw them in the garbage!


With new electronics coming out every day and not lasting remotely as long as they used to, many of us have old appliances, phones, TV’s, etc. collecting dust somewhere. Go HERE to find a place to recycle yours.

Yard Clean Up

Rake your lawn, pick those weeks, do a little pruning, and get everything into paper bags for your areas next green pickup.

Get Outside the Box


When is the last time you and your family stepped outside the box? What box? The box that you live in, of course!

Get Outside the Box (GOB) is a local group that organizes outdoor hikes for parents and kids to connect while experiencing and exploring their environment.

The hikes are the first Sunday of the month, weather permitting. The location changes each time and are guided by GOB leaders. They organize hikes throughout the whole year, all seasons. What a great way to explore our beautiful city!

So, feel like getting outside the box? LIKE them on Facebook and stay tuned for the next great adventure!