St. Patrick’s Day


May the luck of the Irish be with you today! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, which means it is our day to either pretend we are Irish or pretend we are MORE Irish than we actually are… In other words, it’s Green Day! There are a number of easy and fun ways that you can celebrate the day with your children, do don’t panic if you’ve forgotten to plan ahead. Just toss on something green and read on.


Rainbows and the colour green are the theme of the day, so start by making a rainbow that you can wear. Cut narrow strips of paper in every colour of the rainbow (or use white paper and colour it yourself). Have a little fun with colour order and patterning as you make a paper chain necklace with your strips. Finish your chain by making a pot of gold or a shamrock as a pendant. Kids not into wearing necklaces? Use the chain to decorate something: their dinner chair, the window, the bathroom mirror or the fireplace mantle.


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