Mom’s Night Out


Hey Mama, We know that you’re run down and tired. We know you speak to children more than you speak to grown-ups. We know you’d love to do anything that involves leaving the house without a van load of little people and a diaper bag full of Goldfish crackers. We see you moms over there juggling the school days with the work days. Can’t remember the last time you had some ME time? Do you lack sufficient motivation? Consider this your motivation!

We want to meet you! Yes, YOU! The real, live, living and breathing version of you. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet some other moms, sit down, chat, eat, not feed someone else…? We sure think so. That’s why we are planning a Mom’s Night Out for any London Moms who’d like to be there. This month we are planning a trip to Forrat’s Chocolates in Byron. At Forrat’s you can eat incredibly decadent chocolate that isn’t in the shape of a bunny (unless that’s your thing), have a glass of wine, a latte or just drink the chocolate fondue, we won’t judge.

Interested? Hop on over to the forum and follow along with the discussion HERE. When you see the post to sign up, do it right away! Spaces are limited.

See you there!

Need a Night Out?

Join us at our August Mom’s Night Out (MNO)! Come over to Jack Astors Masonville at 8 pm on August 23rd for some fun, food and friends. Newbies and nursing babies always welcome! Get to know those you are talking with online and form some friendships. Sign up here by August 21st to hold your spot at the table.


~ princess2808