Mustang Drive-In


The weather is warming up which means all of your family’s favourite warm-weather activities are returning, including the drive-in!

London is so fortunate to have a classic drive-in theatre just on the south east edge of town. The Mustang was originally built in 1953 with the second screen added in 1976. The two screens both feature movies every night, beginning at sundown. Long weekends and holidays will have three or even four features per screen, while a regular night will have two films per screen.

What makes the drive-in so great? The whole family can go! Where else can you take your newborn or toddler on a date night? Let them fall asleep snuggled up in your arms or spread them out between carseats in the back. As they get older, pick screens that have family-friendly features on first and then send them to their carseats to sleep for the grown-ups show. Older kids and teens can bring their lawn chairs and sit in the peaceful night air. If things get crazy, you can always pack up and leave after the first feature.


The Mustang Drive-In is located at 2551 Wilton Grove Road. To get there, take Highbury Road south, over the 401 and turn left onto Wilton Grove Road (at the Tim Horton’s). Drive along until you see the screens on your right.

Vans, trucks, SUV’s and larger vehicles must park in the back rows, sedans and smaller vehicles may park in the front rows or wherever they can find space.

There is a play area in front of one of the screens that anyone can access. There is also a lot of grass space to play catch, blow bubbles, and run around while you’re waiting for the sun to go down.

The bathrooms are NOT wheelchair or stroller accessible. There is no family washroom or changing table (and between you and I, you will want to bring some hand sanitizer and maybe some tissues to the washroom, just in case!).



General Admission is $11 per person

Holidays (3 features) $12.00 per person

4 Features $13.00 per person

Tuesdays $6.00 per person

Thursdays $17.00 per carload

Kids 5-12 years old are $2

Children/babies 4 and under are FREE

There is a Snack Bar that serves the usual movie theatre fare as well as some heartier food to fill you up. There is an ATM at the snack bar.


Bring bug spray

Clean your windshield or bring stuff to clean it there

Anticipate LONG lines at the bathrooms between movies

Dress the kids in their PJ’s so you can carry them right to bed; bring blankies/stuffies to encourage them to sleep in the car

Bring some wipes or washcloths to clean the kids off between playing and watching the movies


The Sifton Bog

Sifton Bog

When I first proposed a trip to the Sifton Bog, my children were less than enthusiastic about going. What could possibly be exciting about wandering down a trail in the middle of the city to a little patch of water? As it turned out – everything! They were won over by the sounds, sights, and peacefulness of our mid-autumn adventure. We spent a lot of time looking for the winter home-building of creatures, tracks left by animals, different insects, and of course the many, many plants and trees. At the pond there were frogs and turtles to play with while I sat back and enjoyed being outside the city, inside the city.

The Sifton Bog is a gorgeous little London treasure just off Oxford Street between Hyde Park Road and Sanatorium Road, accessible for the whole family from stroller to grandparents.The Bog is a protected wetland which is home to many plants and animals that are hard to come by in the more urban parts of our beautiful city. A 370m boardwalk leads you from the parking lot through the wooded area and the open bog to the small pond, rich with both wildlife and history. For the more adventurous, there are also 2.5km of trails through the bog. Whether you are heading there to learn or just to escape, the Bog is a definite winner for all ages.

Have you been to the Sifton Bog? Did your family enjoy it?