Letters to Santa


This is the time of year when kids of all ages are excitedly dictating or penning their own letters to Santa Claus. In the age of electronics, the old pencil and paper method is not the only way to get your letters through to the Head Elf though! Here are some cool ideas for your kids this Christmas.


If your child wants to mail a letter to Santa Claus, they can do so free of charge through Canada Post. Add a full return address and he will respond to their letter! Make sure you have it in the mail before DECEMBER 16, 2014 to ensure a response before Christmas. Let your kids know that Santa really wants to read about what they’ve been up to this year, what sports or activities they have done, any adventures they’ve had and he also really loves to read jokes! Of course, they can add in their wishlist as well. Send letters to:

Santa Claus

North Pole




Santa Claus has gone digital! After the kids go to bed, Mom or Dad can email Santa by going to the link above (it’s top secret though! Adults only!!) and letting Santa know what their child/ren have been up to this past year. Santa will then email a personal video message to each child! This is a great way to get them engaged with Santa Claus.

Using the PNP is free for the Classic version or you can upgrade for the Premium video. Go even a little further and you have the option of getting a personal phone call from Santa to your child.


For quick and easy messaging to the North Pole, you can send Santa a fill-in-the-blank online form and he will respond right away! Try HERE, HERE or HERE.


When messaging Santa online though, make sure you’re not communicating with a naughty elf! There have been some warnings lately about companies pretending to be Santa Claus. Have a read through this for some insight.