Tim Hortons Free Skates


Just in case their coffee, donuts, lattes, muffins, and all the other deliciousness that comes over the counters at Tim Hortons isn’t enough to love them, Tim Hortons is bringing FREE public skating at local skating arenas this holiday season. Just in time for Christmas break! Grab your skates (and a helmet – the same rules apply as at regular public skating times) and get to the rink. Really, Tim Hortons + Skating, could things get more Canadian?

There is at least one free skate every day from December 19th to 24th, from December 27th to 30th, and from January 1st to 4th. With 30 skating times to choose from, your family could spend most of the holidays on the ice! There are even a few night time skates in case you want to get a babysitter and make it a cheap date night. Maybe even stop in for a Timmies on the way. ;)

Here is the full schedule of Tim Hortons free skates:

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