Nepal Earthquake


When a natural disaster strikes on such a large scale as the earth quake this weekend in Nepal, it can upset not just us, but also our children. Whether they hear about it from you, from the media or at school, there is a decent chance that many of our children will be aware of it and have questions or concerns. The experts in various fields have come up with some good tips on how to support your child through understanding and reconciling their feelings and fears.

  • Be reassuring, but honest. Many kids will fear that we will be hit by an earth quake (or flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, etc). Reassure them that the likelihood of such a thing happening here, in London, is slim and explain why. Be honest about the chances that some of these things may actually happen here.
  • Let them know that their family is safe (assuming they are) and not near the location of the earth quake.
  • Let them know that their fears are valid and their questions are important to you. Be patient and give them time to express themselves.
  • Limit their access to pictures and videos of the disaster scenes. Most of what they see will be too much for them to understand.

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CTV News has summarized the main ways that Canadians can provide help to those in Nepal. For outlets and ways that they work, see HERE.