Tons of Free Programs Taking Place this Fall/Winter at London Libraries

Hamilton Library

We recently posted about the Spectrum Fall/Winter 2014 Guide now being available. This guide offers hundreds and hundreds of programs taking place throughout the city for people of all ages, along with a simple way of registering. Similarly, the London Public Library recently released Access, a library magazine also listing tons of awesome programs and events for people of all ages that are taking place this fall and winter. With London being home to 16 different libraries, you can only imagine how many programs there are to choose from. What’s great about many of the programs and events put on by the public library is that they are drop in, meaning you don’t have to register in advance. Another great thing about the programs is that many are based on reading or educating. As if these aspects aren’t great enough, one last pro to these programs is that most of them are absolutely free!

This magazine can be viewed online by clicking here. Check out page 10 and onwards for a list of the programs. If you would like to search for the programs being held at a specific library, make note that the libraries are listed in alphabetical order. If you’re not sure which library is closest to you, all 16 are listed below.

Location: 1280 Huron St.

Location: 1295 Commissioners Rd. W.

Location: 465 Quebec Street

Location: 251 Dundas Street

Location: 301 Oxford Street West

Location: 550 Hamilton Rd

East London
Location: 2016 Dundas St.

Location: 2950 Glanworth Dr.

Location: 1119 Jalna Blvd.

Location: 7112 Beattie St.

Location: 167 Wortley Rd.

30 North Centre Rd.

Pond Mills
Location: 1166 Commissioners Rd. E.

Location: 1225 Wonderland Rd. N.

Stoney Creek
Location: 920 Sunningdale Rd. E.

Location: 3200 Wonderland Rd. S.

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Caroline Ehrhardt

Caroline is a student at the University of Western Ontario currently working towards a degree in Health Promotion. Aside from her academics, Caroline is also a track and field athlete competing at the national and international level in the discipline of triple jump. She aspires to one day represent Canada at the Olympics. Her other interests include reading, writing, and dogs.

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