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Is there any feeling quite like cracking open a new book and reading the very first sentence of the new journey that you’re about to embark on? I love reading, but I also love owning the books that I read so that I can take my time with them and go back to them whenever I want. As we all know, buying books brand new is not cheap. A couple of summers ago, I remember someone saying to me, “You buy your books brand new? Are you crazy! You need to check out Amazon”. After that conversation, I haven’t looked back. I am now incapable of buying books at full price because I know what great deals are out there. I have bought books on Amazon for less than a toonie, and even with shipping these purchases still only come to $7.00 or so.

Amazon is great when you know what book you’re looking for, but what about when you just feel like window shopping for some new reading material? Last year I stumbled into the Goodwill book store on Adelaide Street and was in book-lover heaven. Most books are in the four to eight dollar range and there were lots of deals associated with buying books in bulk. Let’s just say I came home with enough books to start my own library. My sister, who is a teacher, was really excited to discover the store because they had tons of cheap children’s books that she could use in her classroom.

London has a few used book stores that I would definitely recommend checking out next time you are in the market for some new reading material! Check out these places for all sorts of interesting, unique, and most importantly cheap books!

Attic Books
Location: 240 Dundas Street
Monday – Thursday: 9AM to 6PM
Friday: 9AM to 9PM
Saturday: 9AM to 6PM
Sunday: 1PM to 6PM
Features: Specializes in antique books, maps and prints but also features a “discount room” with many used books and dollar carts during the summer


Cardinal Books
Location: 23179 Richmond Street
Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 1PM to 5PM
Saturday: 11AM to 5PM
Sunday – Monday: CLOSED
Features: Over 20 000 books to choose from.

City Lights Book Shop
Location: 356 Richmond Street
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 11AM to 5PM
Friday: 11AM to 7PM
Saturday: 11AM to 6PM
Sunday: 12PM to 4PM
Features: Specializes in antique books, post cards, vinyl, movies and music but also features tons of used books from various decades


Clockwork Books
Location: 1195 Dundas Street
Hours: Saturday and Sunday: 12PM to 5PM
Features: All books are $2! Children receive a free book on their first visit!

Goodwill Bookstore
Location: 1044 Adelaide Street
Hours: Monday – Friday: 8AM to 8PM
Saturday: 8AM to 6PM
Sunday: 9AM to 5PM
Features: Donate your old books and browse for new ones! Variety of genres and a section of antique books.

PT Campbell Bookdealer
Location: 388 Richmond Street
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10AM to 6PM
Sunday: CLOSED
Features: Buys, sells, and trades books all year round. Features over 35 000 used books to choose from and a large variety of genres including children’s books.




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Caroline Ehrhardt

Caroline is a student at the University of Western Ontario currently working towards a degree in Health Promotion. Aside from her academics, Caroline is also a track and field athlete competing at the national and international level in the discipline of triple jump. She aspires to one day represent Canada at the Olympics. Her other interests include reading, writing, and dogs.

4 thoughts on “Used Book Stores in London

  1. april says:

    Good Day. PT Campbell BookDealer will no longer have a brick and mortar location we will venturing in to the POP UP Retail business in 2015. we can be located for all sales events on Email ( twitter and facebook ptcbooks or by 519 640 5333

  2. Monica Dodd says:

    I have 2 volumn”s of the book The Practical Painter and Decorator an authoritative work on the decoration of buildings edited by Alfred G. Geeson, A.R.I.B.A. london Virtue and Company Limited 19-21 Thavies Inn, Holborn Circus, E.C.1 I would like to know how much these books are valued at. Your assistance in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks Monica

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