Using a Your Own Real Estate Professional to Purchase a New Build Home.


By Kathy Mendham-Meathrel 

Recently I had clients who after many home viewings were unable to find anything that fit there desires for their next home. So I suggested to my client that we should consider expanding our search to include new home builds. 

They were surprised to hear this advice, since they, like many other buyers incorrectly believed that they could not use my services if they purchased a new build. This is a common misconception since in fact you can and should use the real estate professional of your choice when you are considering any move including a new home build. 

If you have ever attended a model home open house the person running it is not always a licensed real estate professional, but can include a person who is working for the builder to sell their houses. It is not well known but you do not need to use this individual to get your home built. Although once you’ve attended an open house and recorded your name in the ‘guest book’ you are usually stuck with who ever the builder has provided. 

The advantages of choosing your own Real Estate professional are numerous, some of which are listed below: 

1) Your Real Estate professional is working for you and not the builder.

2) Private showings of most model homes can be arranged to meet your schedule.

3) One contact person to deal with all of the various builders in a development.

4) New house price is typically set, however the cost of upgrades can sometimes be negotiated.

5) Independent advice on terms & conditions of purchase before you signed and before your spend money on a lawyer. 

Kathy Mendham-Meathrel

Sales Representative

Realty Executive Elite Ltd

7-515 Wellington Rd S,

London, ON


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