Valentine’s Day Crafts

valentine's day crafts

Valentine’s Day is next weekend! This day of love seems to mean something completely different when you have children to celebrate it with. Instead of roses and romantic nights out, many of us become immersed in crafts, heart shaped food for little people, and the incredibly fun activity of convincing young children to print their name 20 times on small pieces of paper. If crafting is your thing or if you’d just like to stay out of the snow this week, here are some sweet Valentine’s craft options you can try! If you have some success, take a picture and share it with us on Facebook! These can all be found on our Pinterest board if you want to repin them for later.


A Stapler and strips of red/pink/white paper are all you need for this quick and easy little decoration. Staple four strips of paper together at the very bottom. Take the two outside strips and fold them down to make a heart. Add two more strips to the bottom of the heart and staple. Repeat until the chain is as long as you want it to be. For a picture guide, see HERE.


Remember the sparkly snowflakes from Christmas? You can do the same craft with Borax and a pipe cleaner, only this time twist the pipe cleaner into a heart shape instead of a snowflake. All you need is a box of Borax (from the laundry aisle at the grocery store), a mason jar or recycled glass jar with a wide mouth, a pencil or stick, some string, and pipe cleaners. For step-by-step instructions and alternatives with food colouring, see HERE.


This one is as easy as they come! Have two pieces of paper, each a different colour (e.g. red and white). Fold one in half to make a card. With the other, trace and cut out your hand print (or your child’s or a whole bunch of hands!). Fold the middle finger and ring finger inward to the palm on the handprint to make the ASL sign for LOVE. Glue to the card and decorate however you please. See a picture HERE.


Another easy one that is great for grandparents that live further away to receive in the mail is a paper hug. Have a couple of pieces of paper. Trace both of your child’s hands and cut them out. Use either more paper cut into strips and taped/glued/stapled into a long length or cut a piece of string. Attach one end of the paper strip or string to each mitten (like two mittens attached by the string that runs through your coat). Write a message from your child on the palms, such as “Sending you hugs!” or “I love you THIS MUCH!”


Another sweet hand print craft that is a great Valentine for anyone in your child’s life is a super simple Reasons I Love You card. Either paint your child’s hand and make a print on a piece of paper or trace it onto a piece of paper. Title the print “5 Reasons I Love [person's name]“. Help your child come up with five reasons that they love that person and write one reason per finger/thumb. Decorate as you please. If you have multiple kids, make them do this one for each other!



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