My daughters do not eat bread. It started with them refusing to eat crusts, then begging to have the crusts just cut off before being given to them and finally ended with me not even bothering to serve it to them. Instead, they eat wraps. They will eat anything in a wrap. Brown wraps, green wraps, red wraps – they don’t care.

The problem here becomes obvious though: my daughters are two- and four-years old which makes for a lot of messy lunches. For a time there, I stopped giving them anything other than cheese or peanut butter in a wrap because I couldn’t be bothered with the mess and whining when everything falls out. *cue happy music* Until we got our Wrap Traps, that is!


The concept is simple – a clip that you put at the end of your wrap to keep all the good stuff in when it’s held in two little hands. No fancy folding required, just wrap, clip and eat. My girls are in love, truly. They find reasons for needing to use their Wrap Traps at every meal, regardless of whether they’re eating anything that resembles a wrap. And, hey, if it gets them to eat, I’ll let them trap it.  They come in pairs with animal faces on them (which, of course, the girls loved!) and are made BPA-free, lead-free, dishwasher safe, and 100% Canadian.


The Wrap Traps are the brainchild of a Windsor Mompreneur who wanted something to help her kids independently and neatly eat the yummy, healthy wraps that she ate. Check out the site here: Stuff it, Wrap it, Trap it! – Home to buy online or read the story of how they were created or join their group on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=151411004879220. Another great thing about the Wrap Traps is that a percentage of each online purchase goes to the Ronald McDonald House, helping families from out of town cope with their child’s long hospital stays at LHSC, something that is very close to their heart. Stuff it, Wrap it, Trap it! – Giving Back


If you’d like to get your hands on a pair of Wrap Traps for your child, buy online here: Stuff it, Wrap it, Trap it! – Buying WrapTraps You have TWO shots at a chance to win a free pair of Wrap Traps: 1) send an email to jill@londonmoms.ca with WRAP in the subject line and include the name of one of the magazines that Wrap Traps have been featured in (hint: Stuff it, Wrap it, Trap it! – WrapTrap Buzz) along with your username; 2) ‘like’ the new LondonMoms.ca fanpage on facebook Welcome to Facebook and post a comment on the wall about Wrap Traps! Remember to do both for double the chances of winning. Contest closes WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011 at 8pm. Good luck!

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